WATCH: Nicole Kidman Surprises At Keith Urban’s Vegas Residency, Calls Herself ‘Nicole Urban’

Nicole Kidman made a brief appearance on stage during her husband Keith Urban’s last concert of his Las Vegas residency…


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May 31, 2022


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Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman; Photos via Instagram

Nicole Kidman made a brief appearance on stage during her husband Keith Urban’s last concert of his Las Vegas residency Saturday night (May 28). The actress surprised fans in attendance at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace by referring to herself as “Nicole Urban.”

The country singer shared a video of the moment his wife used her married last name to his Instagram page as a reel, writing, “…just a Saturday night in Vegas!”

In the video, Kidman walks out on stage and receives a kiss from her husband amid the cheers of fans before he jokingly asks who she is.

“What’s your name? Where are you from?” Urban asked his wife.

“Nicole Urban,” the actress responded.

“Oh cool,” the “Wild Hearts” singer said as the crowd continued to cheer.

Kidman then explained she stopped by the stage to grab her husband’s jacket.

“I wanna get your jacket, you put it on the floor,” Kidman said before she and her husband went to retrieve the article of clothing in question.

“She literally…she literally said ‘don’t lose that jacket,’ and I’m like, ‘how am I gonna lose the jacket?’” Urban explained as the couple searched for his jacket. “It’s gone, see, look, you jinxed it,” he added.

Fortunately, the couple found the jacket shortly after. Urban joked that his guitar tech “stole” it before helping Kidman put the jacket on, which led to her exiting the stage.

“Just a Saturday night in Las Vegas,” Urban remarked following the sweet moment with his wife.

Urban wrapped up the last show of his Las Vegas residency Saturday night. Urban first announced his Las Vegas residency in 2019, playing four dates in 2020. With many of his shows being affected by the global health crisis, Urban later announced more dates for his residency in 2021.

Urban also agreed to add five more dates to his residency in 2022 after British singer Adele had to postpone her own Las Vegas residency. Following the conclusion of his Las Vegas residency on Saturday night, Urban will hit the road this summer for his Speed of Now World Tour 2022.

During a Jan. 28 interview with CBS This Morning, Kidman shared that her husband Urban was “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Urban expressed similar sentiments recently, crediting his wife as playing a critical role in his recovery from alcoholism.

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