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Sam Hunt took to the river banks for a creekside BBQ in the just-released “Water Under The Bridge” music video. …


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July 19, 2022

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Sam Hunt; Photo via YouTube

Sam Hunt took to the river banks for a creekside BBQ in the just-released “Water Under The Bridge” music video. 

Directed by Mason W. Dixon, the clip features Hunt cruising down the river in a jon boat. After casting a few lines, Hunt makes his way to the riverbank to join his friends for a summertime get-together, complete with BBQ, drinks, cornhole, and more.

The “Water Under The Bridge” video perfectly pairs with the song as it is an ode to adolescence paired with an infectious groove that instantly pulls listeners in. 

The lyrics find the superstar looking back on the carefree days of his youth as he sings, “That muddy river, it was rollin’/ We didn’t care where it was goin’/ We had it made, we didn’t know it/ We were young, dumb, and so full of it/ Broken bottles and graffiti/ Beer and girls and poppin’ wheelies/ Love was fun and life was easy/ Now it’s just water under the bridge.” 

Co-written by Hunt alongside Chris LaCorte, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, “Water Under The Bridge” follows Hunt’s eighth chart-topping hit, “23,” which was co-written by Hunt and the same trio of songwriters. 

“Water Under The Bridge” transports Hunt back to growing up in Georgia where he spent time countless hours near a local watering hole with friends.

“It’s a song that is literally about ‘Water Under The Bridge’ but it’s really about that little place that most small towns have,” Hunt said in a press release. ”In my case, it was a little hangout spot down by the river up under an old backroad, and we used to gather up there – folks have been gathering up there long before we came along and I’m sure still gathering up there now – but on Friday and Saturday night go out there to have a good time, let our hair down a little bit, get into a little bit of trouble. We made a lot of memories out there.”

The tune, as well as “23,” is expected to appear on Hunt’s forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced new album.

During a recent interview with Audacy’s Katie Neal, Hunt shared that he has a lot of his third studio album completed.

“I got a big chunk of [the new album] finished, with all the time off. And then, have slowly tried to piece it together,” Hunt told Neal. “It gets harder as time has gone on…we had nothing else going on except for that project we worked on… I’ve got to get the band back together in terms of my production guys. It’s a little tricker now to track everybody down. I’ve got another song coming out in a few weeks. I’m going to try to trickle songs out after that over the summer,” he added.

Sam Hunt is currently on tour with dates planned through mid-November.

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