WATCH: Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry Team Up For Introspective ‘Where We Started’ Music Video

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry are bringing their “Where We Started” duet to life with a brand new music video. …


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October 18, 2022

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Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry; Photo via YouTube

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry are bringing their “Where We Started” duet to life with a brand new music video. 

The clip, directed by Patrick Tracy, finds the superstars singing the song separately in rooms adorned with colorful draping. As the music video continues, the artists get up to make their way together and see younger versions of themselves reflected in the mirrors, signifying their respective journeys as artists. 

Katy Perry, Thomas Rhett; Photo via Instagram
Katy Perry, Thomas Rhett; Photo via Instagram

The video appears to have a deep, underlying meaning as it showcases Rhett and Perry getting back to their roots and staying grounded as their careers reach new heights.  

“Working with Katy has been a really collaborative process,” Rhett shared in a statement. “From tracking the song in the studio, to performing on it American Idol, to this video – her input has made this whole experience really special for me.”

Perry added, “I loved being able to create a dreamy world for ‘Where We Started,’ going back to the Nashville singer-songwriter roots of where I started.”

Rhett and Perry teamed up for the live debut of the tune during the American Idol finale on May 22, 2022. 

During the performance, the pair of superstars took the stage as silhouettes in front of what looked like a picturesque sunrise atop two massive staircases. Rhett was given the spotlight first, before Perry was illuminated for her verse. The pair then paired their vocals together for the chorus.

After joining forces for the live debut of “Where We Started” during the American Idol finale, Perry told Access about their performance and shared a bit about what’s to come from her and the country hitmaker.

“That was our first performance of our song together, ‘Where We Started,’ which is from his album and it’s my first foray into country music and I love this song,” Perry explained. ”It’s so special to me and I’m excited to put the music video out for it in the fall. There’s a whole bit. I love Thomas.”

Where We Started” is the title track off Rhett’s new album of the same name, released on April 1, 2022. The country/pop track finds Rhett and Perry recalling the early days of a relationship in an effort to remind themselves of better times.

“Those days when you’re brokenhearted/ And you’re gettin’ knocked down/ And you say you don’t know how far we’re gonna go/ Just look at that road and think about where we started/ Keep your eyes on me ’cause talk is cheap/ We’re all we need, yeah/ Darlin’, I know how far we’re gonna go/ Just look at that road and think about where we started,” they sing on the chorus.

Earlier this year, Rhett shared the story behind the song with Country Now and other media outlets and revealed that a duet was “never a plan,” it just sort of happened that way.

It all started when a member of his team asked for his permission to send it to Perry to see if she’d be interested in collaborating on the song.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, but they’re not gonna respond.’… And literally within 24 hours Katy responded and said, ‘I love this. I resonate with this so well,’” Rhett explained. “When she put her vocal on it, it took her, like, two weeks. She really put a lot of time and effort into this vocal… This reminded me of how amazing a vocalist she is, and I feel like it really came to life.”

Where We Started features 15 tracks, including Rhett’s latest chart-topping hit, “Slow Down Summer” as well as his current single, “Half Of Me,” a duet that features Riley Green.

Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry; Photo by ABC, American Idol
Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry; Photo by ABC, American Idol

Rhett recently wrapped his Bring The Bar To You Tour, which visited dozens of cities throughout the summer, including Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Thomas Rhett will enjoy some well-deserved time off before he launches the 2023 leg of the Bring The Bar To Your Tour with a Canadian Run in February. Jordan Davis and Kameron Marlowe will join him on the next leg of the tour. 

“It’s been an absolute blast being back out on the road this summer and we are so excited to take the tour to Canada next year,” Rhett shared when the tour was announced. “It feels like forever since we were last able to play for those fans. They always bring an insane amount of energy and we cannot wait to get up there and see them again.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is currently performing at her Las Vegas residency, PLAY, which runs through October 22. See a full list of Perry’s upcoming Vegas dates HERE.

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