WATCH: Tim McGraw’s Mom, Betty Trimble, Surprises Fans at McGraw’s Jacksonville, Florida Concert

Tim McGraw’s McGraw Tour 2022 rolled through Jacksonville, Florida just days before Mother’s Day (Thursday, May 5) and in honor…


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May 8, 2022

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Tim McGraw with Mom, Betty Trimble; Photos via Instagram

Tim McGraw’s McGraw Tour 2022 rolled through Jacksonville, Florida just days before Mother’s Day (Thursday, May 5) and in honor of the occasion, McGraw invited his mom, Betty Trimble, to join him at the show. 

The superstar documented his time with his mother on social media and revealed that she spent time surprising fans with ticket upgrades at the show. 

“So I got my mom here for Mother’s Day at our show in Jacksonville,” McGraw says in the clip. “She went out in the audience tonight and gave away a few tickets and talked to a few people. My mom loves to talk.”

Trimble adds, “Not a few people, it was a lot of people!”

The video then goes on to show Trimble making her way around the outdoor venue scouting out fans to surprise with front row tickets. 

Tim McGraw, Mom, Betty Trimble
Tim McGraw, Mom, Betty Trimble

“I’m going out to surprise two moms with front row seats, don’t tell anybody,” she says. 

As Trimble makes her way around the way, she takes several photos with audience members and exchanges hugs with several others. 

Tim McGraw's Mom, Betty Trimble
Tim McGraw’s Mom, Betty Trimble

At the end of the clip, McGraw sends out a heartfelt Mother’s Day wish to his mom, his wife, Faith Hill, and all the moms watching. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, my wife who raised three incredibly strong, independent women, my mom who raised me and my two sisters and kept us out of trouble, mostly,” he shares. 

“I tried my best,” Trimble laughs. 

McGraw, who also wished his mom a Happy Mother’s Day from the stage that evening concluded his message by saying, “So Happy Mother’s Day to all you guys. The moms keep everybody in line and they keep us on the straight and narrow.” 

The “7500 OBO” singer recently showed his gratitude for his mother in an interview with his record label. 

Tim McGraw and Mom
Tim McGraw and Mom

“She didn’t get to graduate because I came along,” he revealed. “And then she went through some terrible things early in my life. So, I have a lot of memories of all those things and I know how resilient my mom is and how tough she is and how strong of a woman she is, and how well she raised us under the circumstances – me and my two sisters that all grew up together – how she dealt with all of that thing.”

Tim McGraw’s headlining tour, which features Alexandra Kay, Brandon Davis and Russell Dickerson, continues through June 4, where the trek wraps up in Mansfield, MA at Xfinity Center.

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