WATCH: Walker Hayes and Kesha Throw Epic ‘Fancy Like’ Dance Party in New Music Video

Walker Hayes and Kesha joined forces to bring their new version of “Fancy Like” to life with an epic music…


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October 7, 2021

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Walker Hayes, Kesha; Photo by Adam Battaglia

Walker Hayes and Kesha joined forces to bring their new version of “Fancy Like” to life with an epic music video, complete with a full-on dance party.

Shot in Los Angeles, directed by Rehman Ali, and produced by Magic Seed Productions, the clip features Hayes and Kesha as they dance their way around a diner, motel and parking lot, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone around them. 

“This song came out of a conversation about the misconceptions that celebrities or artists live a lavish lifestyle, and it’s important for folks to know that’s not necessarily true,” shares Hayes. “I’m truly about as fancy as Applebee’s on a date night, so creating a video celebrating the simple moments in life — like watching a movie or drinking box wine — was important to us. Kesha and I each bring our own versions of ‘Fancy Like’ to this, and I love how it came together.”

The music video even features a cameo from Hayes’ wife, Laney. 

Click above to watch. 

Walker Hayes and Wife, Laney
Walker Hayes and Wife, Laney; Photo via YouTube

The artists teamed up to release a new version of the song in mid-September, adding to the already viral success of the track. 

“I’ve been a fan of Kesha’s originality and vocals since first hearing her music,” Hayes shared upon the release of the track. “When Kesha sings, you know it’s Kesha. Her swag is so identifiable, and her songwriting celebrates the fun of everyday life and is so honest. It’s the perfect fit for a track about just that.”

“From the first time I heard ‘Fancy Like’, Walker was speaking straight to my heart,” Kesha added. “I’ve always been more at home in a honky-tonk in my boots than on a red carpet in heels. This song took me right back to my roots. Working with him on the lyrics was so fun — getting to yell and celebrate the most magical things which are usually cheap, dirty or free. This song reminds me of all those cheap thrills of the deep South that made me the wild woman I am.”

“Fancy Like” has reached the top of every country streaming and sales chart since its June release and spent 12 weeks (and counting) atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart. It’s also ranked among the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.

Since its release, “Fancy Like” has gone on to become a true viral sensation, with millions dancing to the track on TikTok and other social media platforms.

The song has been so successful that it caught the attention of Applebee’s, who recently teamed up with Hayes to star in a new television advertisement for the brand. Additionally, the restaurant chain has brought back the beloved Oreo Shake in honor of the song.

“For years, my wife Laney and I have been regulars at Applebee’s for date night, and I’ve always wanted to write a song about it,” Hayes recently shared. “The response to ‘Fancy Like,’ the dance and the fan love has been a dream come true – plus, Applebee’s even brought back their Oreo Cookie Shake! What’s better than that?”

The “Fancy Like” success began when Hayes’ daughter, Lila, suggested that they create a TikTok dance for the song one Sunday afternoon. They did the dance on their front porch and within hours, the TikTok had over a million views.

​​For Hayes, the numbers were mind-blowing, but that was only just the beginning. The song has gone on to chart on multiple charts and crush his previous streaming records.

“It’s really just what you dream of as an artist,” Hayes shared in a recent interview with Country Now. “The beautiful thing about being a creative person is you literally wake up every day and you’re like, ‘Maybe this is the day.’ It just so happens this was it.”

The original version of “Fancy Like” is featured on Hayes’ Country Stuff EP, which is available to stream now.

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