Who Is The Band McMillan?

For Lauren, 26, Robert, 17, and Kathryn McMillan, 23, it all started when they decided to take part in the…


Madeleine O’Connell

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December 3, 2021

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Photo Courtesy The Band McMillan

For Lauren, 26, Robert, 17, and Kathryn McMillan, 23, it all started when they decided to take part in the trend of posting covers of popular songs on YouTube, adding in their own twists to the tracks to make it their own. Fast forward to the present, these siblings are now known as The Band McMillan, and instead of performing covers, they have their own original songs to share.

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Around the same time, the oldest sibling Lauren began writing music and quickly realized she wanted to turn her skills into a career. Since that moment, the trio has been working towards making it in the music industry as artists.

“It’s really cool for me as a songwriter because we have a male vocalist and my vocal style vs Kathryn’s vocal style — I get to write for three styles, so it really opens up the gates for me,” Lauren told Country Now. “It’s fun for me to be able to dabble in all kinds of musical styles.”

Last year, the social media platform TikTok came into the picture for the band. Lauren was hesitant at first, but once they started posting more and more, and their fanbase started growing, she saw the benefits from the platform.  

“I said, there’s no way I’m doing those dances, but I’ll see what it’s about,” Lauren explained. “it was a really good outlet for us to be creative, and we didn’t even have to do a dance. It sort of took off for us and we just had fun making all kinds of creative videos, whether it has to do with our sibling relationships or our music. It’s been a crazy, incredible thing for us since then.”

“Whenever I was younger doing those covers, it was kind of force fed,” Robert added, laughing at the memory. “I was always like, this ain’t fair to make me do this, but the older I got and the more mature I got, I really enjoyed it. Now I really enjoy making the TikTok’s as well; it’s pretty fun and good bonding time.”

The band has taken part in many popular trends, including their favorite, singing to a stranger in a drive-through and seeing their reaction.

@thebandmcmillan fancy like Bojangles edition😏🤣🥰 #fyp #fypシ #foryou #viral #trending #fancylike #drivethru ♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

“You never know what kind of reaction you’re going to get from the worker,” Lauren shared. “Sometimes it’s a total flop and they just act like you did nothing, but other times people just freak out over it, it’s great to get their reaction.”

With each sibling being at a different age and a different stage in life, finding the time to devote to their music can be a challenge, but they make sure to prioritize it the best they can.

“I enjoy it because it gives us an outlet to be able to do something together, and we’re always trying to come up with new ideas and film videos,” Lauren explained. “I just turn anything into a video. So yeah, I think it has really helped that we get to do this together.

Hailing from South Carolina, the band draws inspiration from the country music they heard growing up, from the likes of Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw and Hank Williams Jr.

“I’ve always liked the older stuff,” Robert explained. “80s, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, the western country style. The 90s as well, just some good old true country. That’s always been my favorite.”

@thebandmcmillan “somebody’s got to” out now!!!🥰❤️ #fyp #fypシ #foryou #viral #trend #lovesong #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

Most recently, the Band McMillan released their first Christmas song, “Single Bells,” not long after releasing their single, “Somebody’s Got To,” which dropped on November 4. As the main songwriter for their band, Lauren never knows when inspiration will come to her. For this holiday single with country roots, they discuss what it’s like being single around the holidays.

After writing this song, they had exactly one month to record and prepare for its release on Thanksgiving Day.

“It was really crazy because we woke up and it had hit number one on the holidays charts. It was a very good thanksgiving gift. We were super thankful for that.”

The band has plans to release more singles in the new year, some of which might involve Robert taking the lead on vocals, singing the songs from a male perspective. Other short term and long-term goals include going on a full tour, signing a record deal and hearing their music on the airwaves.

@thebandmcmillan where all my single ppl at?!? 😝🎄🎅🏼 #fyp #fypシ #foryou #viral #trend #christmas ♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

“We are also doing vlogs on our YouTube channel. Personally, I look at it as if I were watching a band, what would I want to see from them? I take it from that perspective, and I enjoy watching other band’s vlogs and what do they do, other than just music. So, we try to incorporate that in between the music as well.”

In the meantime, they will continue to work hard, record new music and use their social media platforms to connect with their audience.

The next upcoming release comes in the form of a music video for their Christmas song, “Single Bells.”

Fans can follow The Band McMillan HERE. 

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