Will Megan Moroney Ever Reveal The Truth Behind Her Fan-Favorite Track, ‘Tennessee Orange?’

While viral sensation Megan Moroney may be seeing her career skyrocket before her very eyes, she’s confident that she will…


Madeleine O’Connell

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November 4, 2022


2:24 pm

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Photo Courtesy Megan Moroney

While viral sensation Megan Moroney may be seeing her career skyrocket before her very eyes, she’s confident that she will always stay true to herself. 

“All of my songs are very much me. I write from the heart. And that will never change,” she shared in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “I don’t try to write songs that other artists could cut because they’re so specific to me and what I’ve gone through.”

The singer/songwriter recently opened up about the rapid success of her single, “Tennessee Orange” since she first teased a clip of the song on social media.

After seeing the rise in views and likes, she realized that this song was turning out to be something different than anything else she’s released. “Tennessee Orange” was streamed one million times in just five days, an impressive feat for an independent artist.

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“I don’t think I realized how special the song would be. It was one of those things where I’d worked on for so long and I didn’t know if it was good or not,” Moroney, 25, told the outlet. “Then we decided last minute when we got the opportunity from Spotify to put it out. And it’s crazy. I’m new to all of this. But I’m like, this is cool.”

The country waltz embraces a modern-age love story, with an added personal touch. Moroney, a Georgia girl, sings about falling for a University of Tennessee boy, which in the eyes of her school, is considered a “sin.”

“I met somebody, and he’s got blue eyes/He opens the door, and he don’t make me cry/He ain’t from where we’re from, but he feels like home/He’s got me doing things I’ve never done/In Georgia they’d call it a sin/I’m wearing Tennessee orange for him,” she sings in the chorus. 

After hearing the familiar chorus in a preview clip on TikTok, her new song sparked a theory among her fanbase that she wrote it in response to Conner Smith’s “Orange And White.” Others speculated that the true story could be about country star Morgan Wallen.

Unfortunately, fans may never learn the truth about who the song was really inspired by as Moroney plans to keep the leading character anonymous.

“I always say I cannot confirm or deny who the song is about,” she teases. “And I don’t think I’ll ever tell anyone who the song is about because I told the story in the song. So that would be giving it away too much!”

Just two months before “Tennessee Orange” was unveiled to the world, Moroney released her debut EP Pistol Made of Roses, which was produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush. This decision could have gone either way, but luckily, it seemed to turn out better than the singer expected.

“I think it does a good job of letting everyone know who I am as person,” she says. “The songs are very me. I released that in July, and we didn’t know if it would water down the EP by putting out a single two months after. So we were looking for a sign and then Spotify called the next day and was like, ‘We have this Fresh Finds thing. You have to put out a song this day.’ And I was like, ‘Wow, this is perfect.’ It was definitely perfect timing.”

Megan Moroney, who recently wrapped up her time on the road with Larry Fleet, will guest host Country Now’s coverage of the CMA Awards red carpet on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for updates.

Beginning November 11, Moroney will serve as a special guest on Warren Zeiders’ The Up To No Good Tour.

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