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The rising star’s latest release, “My Mind’s Made Up,” is out now.


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June 1, 2023


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Photo Courtesy Grace Leer

Grace Leer is in the midst of finding success in her music career. The California native moved to Nashville in 2019 to follow her dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter. Since then, she has grown a fan base as she worked on writing and recording new music.

Leer’s most recent release is her single, “My Mind’s Made Up.” She teased the song on TikTok, and her fans connected with it immediately.

Grace Leer - My Mind's Made Up
Grace Leer – My Mind’s Made Up

“It’s so cool to see that song has made people feel less alone when healing from falling in love with the idea of someone instead of the actual person they were/are” Leer said in a release. “I am proud of all the music I have released but so far I am the most proud of this one.”

Tomorrow (June 2), Leer will open for Noah Thompson at Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky and then she will perform her second CMA Fest on June 8 at the Spotlight Stage.

Country Now caught up with Grace Leer ahead of these performances to chat about “My Mind’s Made Up,” her upcoming performances, new music, and more. Check out our Q&A with the rising star below.

Grace Leer; Photo Provided
Grace Leer; Photo Provided

1. You went on your first tour with Logan Mize. How did you get connected with Logan and what were some of your highlights from the tour?

Logan was looking for someone to support him on his spring tour last year, and as far as I know, he listened to my music and really liked what he heard. He wanted to support a new artist and bring me along. It was an amazing experience, and it was my first time going on tour for real. Logan is an incredible guy and on top of that, we got to put out a song together (“Nothing With You”), so that was really cool as well. The highlight from my tour was definitely putting out “Nothing With You” that Logan and I got to release together. I just absolutely love that song and I was really grateful for Logan to have me be a part of it. Another highlight was being in Manhattan, Kansas, where we filmed the “Nothing With You” video. It was the cutest town ever and it was like my favorite weekend on tour. It was so much fun with such a cool crowd. 

2. CMA Fest starts in a week and you will be playing Thursday at the Spotlight Stage. Can you talk about what the experience is like for you as a rising artist?

My first time playing CMA Fest was last year and it was such an amazing experience. I mean the fans that come out for that week is just so incredible and it’s just such a great week of celebrating country music, celebrating country fans, and celebrating being a new artist. One of my favorite moments last year was the first time backstage at the music city center when I had my spotlight performance. There were artists like Lainey Wilson and people that I look up to so much. I just couldn’t believe that I was in the same room as those artists. As a new artist, it meant a lot to me and I’m just so excited to be back this year. 

3. What songs are you planning to perform at CMA Fest?

I’m definitely planning to play “My Mind’s Made Up” and a bunch of new music too. I think I’ll bring back some songs that I released on my EP, but I just have so much new music that I’m excited and anxious to share with fans, so definitely you’ll hear some new songs. 

4. You’ve made several music videos throughout this last year. Which one was your favorite to create and why?

This one is hard. My favorite music video to create has to be “Brought a Girl,” because it was my first ever music video and it is a true story through and through. With the music video, I wanted to make sure that it was as authentic and true as the song is. We filmed it at the house where that happened to me- where the guy brought a girl. The people that were in the music video were the same people that were at that party where it all happened. The guy in the music video that brings the girl is actually the guy who brought a girl in real life. It was really fun to just totally recreate a really funny and really unfortunate situation and bring it to the screen.

5. In a press release you said that you are most proud of your newest single “My Minds Made Up.” What makes this song so special to you?

I think I’m most proud of it because I always strive to write and put out music that I feel is going to connect with fans and relate to everyone. I’ve just never seen a song relate so quickly, not to just women, but also men. I’m just really proud of that. As an artist in country music, all we want to do is tell true stories, real things, that we know will help people through. I’m really proud of the messages and comments I’ve received about this song helping people heal through a breakup, through a divorce and through heartache. Knowing that my music can help heal is something really special. 

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6. What made you decide to chase your dream and move to Nashville 4 years ago?

I just love it. There’s no plan B for me. This is it. Music, writing, performing, and recording is all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a little girl. I’ve had this dream since I was 6 years old, since the first time I stepped on stage and held a microphone in my hand. I don’t think that dream will ever go away. Honestly, just a burning passion is what made me move to Nashville. It was scary and full of challenges, but every day I’m grateful to wake up and create music. 

7. Who were your biggest supporters through this transition and this move?

My family and friends. I’m the baby of four kids, and with each of us, my parents have been so encouraging to us. They encouraged us to do what we love and to go after what we want and what makes us happy. My parents are definitely my biggest supporters. My Mom actually rode with me when I moved to Nashville from California. We took my little Mazda, that I still have today, and we packed it all up with clothes and my guitar, and we made it like a cross-country road trip. It’s a really great memory that we have. I feel like I always have a little California in me as well, when it comes to my music. I feel like I always try to bring in that California country, or that desert kind of vibe to my sound. 

8. You made it into the Top 10  on American Idol and you’ve been active on Tik Tok over the years. How do you think these two things have helped you launch your music career?

American Idol happened at the perfect time for me as a person and as an artist. I feel like you need to really find out who you are and what your story is and what you’re about. That’s evolving always, but I think American Idol was a platform and an opportunity that got me visibility. Nashville is a really hard town. It’s saturated, competitive, and full of country women just like myself. American Idol was one of those things that just helped me stand out a little bit. They were again really encouraging to just be myself on that show and that’s what I did through and through and I think that’s part of why I made the Top 10. With Tik Tok and social media, I have a love hate relationship with them. I think we all do. You hate it until it works for you, and then it works and you’re like okay I love you Tik Tok. It was one of those things again that I had to really work at. I was an athlete my whole life, and I still see myself as an athlete. I think I took to Tik Tok the same way I take any challenge. I just stuck with it and continued to be consistent and be myself. It created another community of fans for me.

9.  You were previously a D1 soccer player, and now along with singing, you’ve started a Taste With Grace cooking series. What’s it like to have these three different personalities and how do they feed into each other?

They all feed into each other. For me, I feel like my ideal day is waking up, having coffee, going on a run, getting a sweat in, making a really great breakfast, writing a song and then being back in the kitchen making a really good dinner. That’s like my favorite day. Just checking all three of those boxes. I think they all feed into each other with workout, exercise, and movement. I think it just keeps me going and keeps me feeling good. It’s a time for me to check out and get out of myself and my mind. Cooking is the creative way that music is. You’re creating something, but you’re using your hands. It gives me a sense of control. Kind of the same way you’re in a writing room and you’re coming up with ideas and trying things out and you’re doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I feel like that’s the same way that I am in the kitchen and it’s just another happy place for me. 

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10.  What else do you have planned for 2023? New music? More Touring?

I hope more touring. For 2023, it’s definitely a lot of new music. I’m kind of taking it song by song. I have a lot of songs that I’d love to keep teasing on social media and kind of see what happens. I’m also writing like crazy and I’m still creating. I see 2023 being another really creative year for me. I’m hoping to get more things on the books because being on stage is my favorite thing in the whole world. Hopefully more touring this year, and definitely more music. 

Fans can keep up with Grace Leer on Instagram.

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