14 Best Country Songs Of Summer 2024 

These are the songs of summer 2024.


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 20, 2024


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Shaboozey, Megan Moroney, Tucker Wetmore, Dasha; Photos Provided

Summer 2024 is officially here and to celebrate, we have compiled a list of 14 feel-good songs that are sure to add some sizzle to your playlist this season. 

There’s nothing quite like taking that first dip in the lake when the weather warms up, savoring a cold drink on the patio, or cruising with the windows down while blasting country tunes. No matter your summer activity, this collection of tunes will serve as the ultimate soundtrack to your summer adventures. 

From Shaboozey’s buzzworthy party track, “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” to Dasha’s addicting breakup anthem, “Austin” and Kenny Chesney’s energy-filled, “Just To Say We Did,” here is the perfect mix of upbeat anthems and carefree melodies that will keep your spirits high all season long.

Shaboozey – “A Bar Song (Tipsy)”

Shaboozey exploded onto the scene with the release of his addicting single, “A Bar Song (Tipsy).” Whether you’re spending a day on the water or enjoying a late night out with friends, this song will get the party going in any environment.

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Dasha – “Austin”

It’s time to leave toxicity in the past and make this summer the best one yet. Luckily, Dasha can help you do that with her fan-favorite hit, “Austin,” which finds her serving sass and empowerment as she lets her frustrations out about a person who was holding her back from living her best life. 

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Nate Smith – “Bulletproof”

If there are any post-breakup blues rising to the surface, Nate Smith is here to deliver the perfect remedy with “Bulletproof.” The hard-hitting track was penned by Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, and Hunter Phelps and serves as the lead track to Smith’s newest EP, Through the Smoke.

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Post Malone – “I Had Some Help (Feat. Morgan Wallen)”

Try as you may, it’s nearly impossible not to sing along to Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s brand-new collaboration, “I Had Some Help.” So, give in to the temptation and let this track be your anthem for singing and dancing all summer long.

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Kane Brown, Marshmello – “Miles On It”

Kane Brown and Marshmello’s new summer anthem, “Miles On It,” is guaranteed to summon a good time with its catchy story portraying a sultry double meaning, and the infectious energy revved out by the artists. So invite a group of friends over and crank Brown’s newest tune up to 10.

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Megan Moroney – “Indifferent”

Need a song to scream the lyrics to until your heart’s content? Look no further because Megan Moroney’s “Indifferent” allows you to overcome the pain of a breakup with lyrics that ooze confidence. The heart-pounding track has been soaring in popularity and it seems as though it’s not slowing down anytime soon. 

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Thomas Rhett – “Gone Country”

Thomas Rhett has teased that his next album will be a collection of songs that make his kids and wife want to get up and groove. Fans got a taste of this carefree fun through his latest release, “Gone Country,” a lively anthem that finds listeners daydreaming of the simpler way of life outside of the city and finding the perfect person to experience it all with.  

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Miranda Lambert – “Wranglers”

Miranda Lambert started heating things up when she dropped her new song, “Wranglers,” a blazing narrative about a scorned woman who summons a group of true friends to help her make a bold statement when returning her ex’s belongings. So follow in Lambert’s footsteps by grabbing your ride or dies and jamming out to this tune at any time of day. 

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Tucker Wetmore – “Wind Up Missin’ You”

A summer fling could be right around the corner, and while the fun will last a few months, that other person could “Wind Up Missin’ You” when the season comes to an end. Tucker Wetmore’s viral hit has been cursing through the airwaves and now it’s time to let it be the soundtrack to your summer romance. 

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Morgan Wallen – “Cowgirls (Feat. ERNEST)”

Morgan Wallen’s “Cowgirls (Feat. ERNEST)” caters to those wilder nights, showcasing the country stars’ portrayal of a cowgirl’s “buck-wild” lifestyle set against a modern country beat.

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Josh Ross – “Single Again”

Josh Ross reels fans in with the catchy notes of his heartbreak-inspired song, “Single Again,” and keeps them listening as the energetic delivery slowly intensifies at the thought of welcoming an ex back when the timing is right. The track is based on real situations that Ross and many others have encountered in their lives at some point. 

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Chase Matthew – “Darlin’”

Before it was officially unveiled, fans were already falling in love with Chase Matthew’s “Darlin’” for its relatable display of anger and a desire for revenge after catching a cheating partner in the act. Co-written by Matthew with Alex Maxwell, Hunter Huff, and Ciaran Wilkie, “Darlin’” appears on the rising star’s latest EP, We All Grow Up.

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Lainey Wilson – “Hang Tight Honey”

Even in the summertime, Lainey Wilson is constantly on the move and as her vibrant song “Hand Tight Honey” reveals, she often finds herself missing life at home. The upbeat yet honest track is relatable for any working folk who often find themselves spending long stretches of time focused on the job rather than getting to enjoy downtime with loved ones. Fans will hear even more new tunes like this on her forthcoming album, Whirlwind.

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Kenny Chesney – “Just To Say We Did”

Kenny Chesney is the KING of summer and his latest single reminders listeners to live life to the fullest and create memorable experiences for the sake of saying that you did it. There’s no time like the summer to take trip or go on a psontenous adventure, and this song is the perfect soundtrack for those moments.

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