15 Country Music Videos That Feature Contestants From Bachelor Nation

ABC’s The Bachelor and its companion show The Bachelorette has, undoubtedly, been going strong for several years. And, it’s no…


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June 6, 2021

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ABC’s The Bachelor and its companion show The Bachelorette has, undoubtedly, been going strong for several years. And, it’s no question that the popular reality show has formed quite a connection with country music.

Viewers across the country have been introduced to up-and-coming country stars through performances on the show during various date nights. Likewise, many contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have made their way into accompanying videos for songs by some of the country music’s top artists.

The new season of The Bachelorette officially kicks off on Monday (June 7) at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. To honor the long-running series, Country Now has chosen to give readers a look at some Bachelor Nation favorites who have guest-starred in country music videos since The Bachelor’s inception, back in 2002.

Here are 15 country music videos that feature former contestants from The Bachelor franchise!

Brad Paisley – “Celebrity”
Contestant: Trista Sutter

The show’s inception saw Sutter trying to win the heart of Alex Michael. She ended up being The Bachelor runner-up, which led to her becoming the first-ever bachelorette for The Bachelorette Season 1. But The Bachelor franchise has given the former Miami Heat cheerleader much more than just love!

Since coming off of the show, she has become quite a celebrity, appearing on Dancing With The Stars and Fear Factor. It’s no wonder she fits the part for Brad Paisley’s music video for the 2003 smash, “Celebrity.” Sutter appeared in the music video to parody her role as the bachelorette, where she gives a rose to the late Little Jimmy Dickens over Paisley.

YouTube video

Adam Doleac- “Famous”
Contestants: Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph

Randolph and Underwood met during Season 23 of The Bachelor, where Underwood was the star. Randolph quit the show early when she realized she wasn’t ready for an engagement. However, she rejoined the series days later and ended up dating the former professional football player after the show. Randolph and Underwood’s real-life romance didn’t last, but the one they depict in Doleac’s video for “Famous” will live on forever.

In the video, the two reality show stars – and self-proclaimed fans of the song “Famous” – portray different versions of themselves. Fans can see Colton play a movie star while Randolph acts as a production assistant who catches his eye!

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Darius Rucker- “For The First Time”
Contestant: Hannah Godwin

Godwin is no stranger to starring in country music videos. In fact, she has appeared in not one, but five of them! Rucker tapped the former Season 23 The Bachelor contestant to star in his video for 2017’s “For The First Time.”

In the clip, she shows viewers what it’s like to fall in love for the first and the last time. The clip, directed by Jim Wright, has her meeting a guy at a party. The two of them spend time together before getting engaged. They then buy a house and have a child together. The video ends with a twist as the man pursuing her is imagining it all along!

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Thomas Rhett- “Leave Right Now”
Contestant: Hannah Godwin

Godwin may have only made it into the final 3 when she got let go on Colton Underwood’s Season of The Bachelor, but she was certainly the chosen one in Rhett’s music video for his catchy track, “Leave Right Now.”

In the Justin Clough-directed clip, which debuted back in 2018, Godwin shows a bit of mystery, as Rhett makes his way through a busy crowd of people to find her. Viewers barely get to see Godwin’s face, as she only shows her back and flowing blonde hair. That same concept continues all the way to the end of the video, which was filmed at the First Art Museum in Nashville.

YouTube video

Dylan Schneider- “No Problem”
Contestant: Hannah Godwin

Regardless of what her fate was on The Bachelor, it’s clear Godwin is a seasoned pro at acting out the role of an intimate love interest. And, as with other music videos, she does just that in Schneider’s video for his song “No Problem.”

The haunting visual, directed by Roman White, has Schneider appearing frustrated as he sings the song lyrics about having no control over how he feels about a girl. So much so that he is bound to always give in. Godwin, meanwhile, appears throughout the video in a ghost-like form, wearing a flowy white dress. She comes and goes in various rooms throughout a house that also has her pictures on the wall.

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Seth Ennis- “Woke Up in Nashville”
Contestant: Hannah Godwin

Godwin plays the role of a lost love in the emotional video for Ennis’ “Woke Up in Nashville.” Featuring scenes of the Nashville skyline and numerous clips of Ennis riding around in a cab car, the video depicts the story of a man who risked it all, including a romance, to follow his dreams and start a new life in Music City. But, while he’s away, he realizes he has one major regret. And that’s leaving his romance behind.

The dreamy video, shot in black and white, meanwhile, shows close-up shots of Godwin by herself, presumably as part of Ennis’ imagination.

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Dillon Carmichael- “I Do For You”
Contestants: Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour

Indeed, Godwin has appeared in several country music videos. But perhaps the sweetest one of them all is the one where she is joined by none other than her real-life soulmate, Dylan Barbour. The cute couple, who got engaged while filming Season 6 of The Bachelor in Paradise, star in the video for Dillon Carmichael’s upbeat love song “I Do For You.”

Throughout the clip, Godwin and Barbour show viewers how they are as a couple as Godwin’s man makes sacrifices as a loving partner. He answers her phone calls while fishing, assists her in planning their wedding, and embraces her love of bubble baths. How sweet!

YouTube video

Cole Swindell- “Middle of a Memory”
Contestant: Danielle Maltby

Much like Godwin, Maltby has had her fair share of starring in various country music videos, beginning with Swindell’s 2016 video for his heartbreaking ballad, “Middle of a Memory.” The clip shows the neonatal nurse, who competed on Nick Viall’s Season 21 of The Bachelor, playing Swindell’s fictional love interest.

Together, the two are shown at a party making their way to each other on the dance floor. In other scenes, they catch a baseball game, throw the ball at the park and dress up together for Halloween before Maltby breaks his heart and leaves a goodbye note in his apartment.

YouTube video

Drew Green – “Right Where I Be”
Contestant: Danielle Maltby

The treatment for Green’s “Right Where I Be” music video finds the artist dancing and singing his upbeat song that mixes a hip hop beat with country lyrics while on the bed of his truck. Maltby also makes a cameo in the Dustin Haney-directed video.

She is shown playing the role of Green’s love interest. While parked in an off-road setting, she dips her toes in a nearby creek and uses a flashlight to capture the area as she slips away from others to be with the one she loves.

YouTube video

Jake Owen- “Beachin’”
Contestant: Danielle Maltby

Maltby has been featured in country music videos long before she was on Season 17 of ABC’s The Bachelor. In fact, she had a role back in 2013 starring in Owen’s cinematic, summertime video for the song “Beachin.’” Maltby’s part saw her enjoying the sunshine by the ocean water with a significant other.

The couple sip on drinks, lounge around in chairs, stroll the beach, and play a few games in what is, actually, part two of a trilogy, as the video ends on the words, “to be concluded.” The other videos, which make up the three-part story, included videos for the songs, “Days of Gold,” and “Ghost Town.”

YouTube video

Chris Lane- “I Don’t Know About You”
Contestant: Hannah Ann Sluss

Chris Lane may be the husband of former Bachelor winner Lauren Bushnell. But, when it came to his 2018 music video for the song “I Don’t Know About You,” he set his sights on a different Bachelor Nation star to portray a fictional rebellious love interest named Olivia. And, that was Hannah Ann Sluss. At the time, Sluss hadn’t yet, made it on Season 24 of The Bachelor. But, at least she got a bit of experience being a love interest on a set before going into the show, which saw her making it all the way to the finale.

“It was great. She was very professional,” Lane once told US Weekly of Sluss’ performance in the music video. “I didn’t know her before the video and it kind of happened, I believe, last second, but she stepped in. She did a great job.”

YouTube video

Brett Kissel- “Drink About Me”
Contestants: Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jason Tartick

Kissel called on former The Bachelor contestants turned lovebirds Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick to be in his music video for “Drink About Me.” The scenic clip gives viewers an up-close and personal look at the real-life romance shared between the two reality stars as they spend time together on what looks like a dreamy beach vacation. The video also shows Bristowe drinking to the memory of the romance that appears throughout the clip.

“The concept for our video, ‘Drink About Me’ is all about reminiscing,” Kissel previously told People of the concept behind the video. “I wanted to display some of the best memories that a couple has ever had in their lives and how you can be transported back to those memories when you’re having a drink.”

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Jordan Davis- “Almost Maybes”
Contestant: Hannah Brown

Davis enlisted Brown to help bring his uber-catchy, romantic song “Almost Maybes” to life. The music video finds Davis and the former Bachelorette separately going through a series of bad relationships before finding their way to each other.

Fans who followed Brown through her journey on The Bachelorette will know that things didn’t end up working out between her and Jed Wyatt, whom she chose on the show. However, she did, in fact, find love during the filming of Davis’ music video! The clip features a cameo of her now-boyfriend Adam Woolard proposing to her with a diamond ring!

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Kameron Marlowe- “Burn ‘Em All”
Contestant: Tia Booth

Booth teamed with Marlowe and a handful of others to pay tribute to blue-collar workers in the scorching video for his ear-grabbing turn, “Burn ‘Em All.” A former healthcare worker, the reality star from Season 22 of The Bachelor has her ending her work shift in scrubs and a face mask and joining up with her friends to blow off some steam at a bonfire.

Of the video, Marlowe previously told CMT, “ “We wanted to honor our frontline workers, who all absolutely deserve to let loose after getting off their shifts.”

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Lawson Bates- “Song For A Girl”
Contestant: Heather Martin

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates’ brought on Season 23 The Bachelor contestant Heather Martin to co-star alongside him in the accompanying clip for his sweet love song “Song For A Girl.”

In the video, Martin plays the love interest to Bates, as the pair show viewers what it’s like to be young and in love. Together, the two can be seen going on a drive, fishing on the pond, and enjoying the outdoors.

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