Adam Doleac Drops Steamy New Track, ‘Neon Fools’

Adam Doleac; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Adam Doleac; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Adam Doleac; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Adam Doleac is satisfying fans’ desire for new music with the release of “Neon Fools,” a soulful ode to late-night bad decisions.

Written by Doleac with Andy Skib and Thomas Finchum, “Neon Fools” features Doleac’s smooth vocals backed by a gospel choir, which makes for a unique mix of country, R&B and soul.

The song has a relatable storyline about two bargoers who give in to temptation, despite the repercussions they might face the next day.

“‘Neon Fools’ is about two people who are well aware of the consequences they’re in, but don’t care,” Doleac explains. “This song is exactly what it is: Giving in to each other romantically, not because it’s right, but because of how right it feels.”

He continues, “I think it’s safe to say that many of us have allowed the neon setting of a crowed club to fool us into getting involved in situations. And when folks hear this track, wherever it takes them, I hope they love it.”

The steamy lyrics paint the picture of what happens between the late-night lovers in a dimly lit barroom and use clever wordplay to shake off any hesitations they might have.

“Let’s let the neon fool us in to thinking / Me and you ain’t gonna burn out / Give in to this thing and feel it / Underneath these lights right now / We know better than to leave here together / But, baby, what do we got to lose? / Let’s be neon fools and let that neon fool me and you tonight,” the Mississippi native sings throughout the chorus.

“Neon Fools” follows the recent release of Doleac’s “Famous,” which will officially impact country radio in January.

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