Alana Springsteen Delivers the Breakup Song of Summer with ‘Zero Trucks’

Alana Springsteen; Photo by Anna Clary
Alana Springsteen; Photo by Anna Clary
Alana Springsteen; Photo by Anna Clary

With her newest single, country newcomer Alana Springsteen gives “Zero Trucks” about her latest heartbreak and turns to a night out with friends to shake it off.

Destined to be the breakup song of Summer 2021, “Zero Trucks” finds Springsteen taking the high road after a breakup. Packed with clever wordplay and an infectious groove, “Zero Truck” was co-written by the rising star alongside Walker Hayes and Joe Clemmons. Springsteen also co-produced with Jerry Flowers and Jared Keim and played acoustic guitar on the track. 

“Go ahead take a spin with your new girlfriend/ With the windows down/ Take her out to the same spot we got stuck/ Kiss her back in the bed/ Looking up at a million stars around/ I’ll be in the club getting low/ With my friends on the floor, ay/Giving zero trucks,” she sings on the chorus. 

“I’ve always relied on music to get me through. Sometimes you want to sit in the sadness and other times you want to escape. What I love about ‘Zero Trucks’ is that it’s a lighthearted reminder that endings can bring freedom – nudging you closer to the person you want to be and the people you want to be with,” Springsteen shares. “The whole process of creating this song, from writing with Walker [Hayes] and Joe [Clemmons], to producing with Jerry [Flowers] and Jared [Keim], plus shooting the music video (stay tuned!) with all of my friends brought me so much joy. I can only hope it brings that same happiness to others.”

Hayes, who is dominating the charts with his viral single, “Fancy Like,” shared his excitement over the song release on Friday morning. 

“Wrote this with @alanaspringsteen and she killed it,” he wrote alongside a video of himself, his daughter, Lela and Springsteen dancing in a car. “Dropped it today y’all crank it up💪 Lela and I worked up some road tripping dance moves😂😂😂.” 


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“Zero Trucks” follows Springsteen’s previous releases, “California” and “Trying Not To” with Roman Alexander. 

Fans can catch Alana Springsteen performing at Watershed Music and Camping Festival (7/30-8/1) in George, WA. Click HERE to follow her on Instagram. 

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