Brantley Gilbert Teams Up with Toby Keith and HARDY on ‘The Worst Country Song Of All Time’

Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, HARDY
Photos courtesy Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, HARDY
Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, HARDY

Brantley Gilbert called upon his friends HARDY and Toby Keith to join him on his brand new single, “The Worst Country Song Of All Time.” 

The tongue-in-cheek tune opens by assuring listeners, “This is the worst country song of all time” and goes on to find the superstars rattling off line by line of what many would consider to be the exact opposite of country music fans’ beliefs.

“I hate beer and honky-tonk women / I don’t eat deer and I can’t stand fishing / And I don’t know the words to Family Tradition/ Folsom Prison or Walk The Line / And I think sweet tea is overrated / And all dirt roads were made for paving / Yeah this is worst country song of all time,” the first verse goes. 

The artists join together on the chorus singing: “And the chorus goes / I love cities and traffic jams / I don’t want a house on a piece of land/ I deserve a bunch of money and a minivan / But I don’t wanna earn a dime / Old Yeller didn’t make me sad / I think we should change the American flag, yeah/ This is the worst country song of all time.” 

According to Gilbert, the track initially started out as a joke. 

“HARDY threw the idea on the table, and he said, ‘Guys, I know this is crazy, but I had a title I put down in my phone: ‘The Worst Country Song Of All Time,’” the seven-time chart-topper explains. “We all laughed it off because obviously it was a joke. Then we all were throwing out lines we thought were funny. The next thing you know, we’ve got this song written, and the rest is history in the making.”

Gilbert and HARDY teamed up with Hunter Phelps and Will Weatherly to write the song and Gilbert said he immediately knew he wanted to invite HARDY to join him on the track. 

“We were listening to the demo after we finished it, and I said to HARDY, ‘Man, if we get a wild hair and decide we’re actually going to cut this, would you be cool with cutting it with me?,’” Gilbert recalls. “I’ll never forget, he looked at me and he said, ‘Absolutely.’
“As far as Toby goes – it’s freakin’ Toby Keith!” Gilbert adds. “He’s written some of the best and put out some of my favorite country songs of all time. So having him on it is kind of like that final seal of approval.”

“The Worst Country Song Of All Time” is available to stream/purchase now. The song will officially hit country radio on Monday, June 21. 

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