Brett Young And His Wife Are ‘Whittling Down’ Names For Their Baby Girl

Brett Young and Wife, Taylor; Photo via Instagram
Brett Young and Wife, Taylor; Photo via Instagram
Brett Young and Wife, Taylor; Photo via Instagram

Country hitmaker Brett Young and his wife Taylor are counting down the days until their baby girl arrives.

As her due date approaches, the soon-to-be-parents have a few big decisions to make, including choosing a name for their daughter.

Finding a name has been an exciting process for the couple, but Young says they haven’t quite decided on one just yet.

“Both me and my wife had like running lists but neither of us had the name,” he recently explained. “You know, it was just whenever we would think of or see something we liked, it’d go into the boy column or the girl column.”

Once they found out they were expecting a girl, they were able to narrow down the list quite a bit.

“We went and A/B’ed our girl column and a lot of them were the same,” he revealed. “And so that’s a good thing, but also the problem with that is that now you have a ton that you have to whittle down. The good news is, is we’re whittling down from names we both had in lists. But we’re still narrowing.”

Brett and Taylor hope to land on a name prior to their baby girl’s arrival. For the “Catch” singer, it’s all part of the fun in picking a name.

“I’m not one of those people that thinks you have to see the baby’s face before you know what their name is. I think they become their name,” he explained. “So it’s gonna be fun watching her grow into whatever her name ends up being.”

As the California native continues to brainstorm names for his baby girl, he’s also scheduled to play a number of fairs and festivals in the coming weeks. On September 13, Young will release The Acoustic Sessions EP, which will include stripped-down versions of tracks from his chart-topping album, Ticket To L.A.

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