Carly Pearce and Michael Ray ‘Flip the Switch’ in New TikTok Challenge Video

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are partaking in the latest TikTok challenge that is taking over the Internet.

In a new video shared to Pearce and Ray‘s respective Instagram accounts, the beloved country couple can be seen sitting side by side on a bed. While holding a large glass of red wine and sporting a lace camisole, Pearce attempts to catch Ray’s attention while he plays video games. Drake’s 2018 single, “Nonstop,” is playing in the background when suddenly, the couple “flips the switch” and swaps clothes.

Ray is then seen sporting what appears to be Pearce’s extensions and sexy top, while Peace is wearing his camo hoodie.

“When you’re tryin’ to get bae’s attention & he ain’t payin’ attention,” Pearce captioned the clip.

The “Flip The Switch” viral challenge finds people playing off Drake’s “I just flip the switch” lyric by creating funny videos in which they swap clothes after literally flipping a light switch in the room.

Watch the couple’s hilarious rendition of the challenge above.

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