Carly Pearce Reveals Why She Stays ‘Real And Raw’ On Social Media

In the current days of social media with all the easy access to various editing apps and programs, it’s hard…


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 27, 2022


10:42 am

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Carly Pearce; Photo by Jamie Schramm, CMA

In the current days of social media with all the easy access to various editing apps and programs, it’s hard to know what’s real and what has been altered in some way. In a recent interview, female powerhouse Carly Pearce got honest about online facades and why she tries to show herself in her truest form on social media and through her music.

Just like everyone else, Pearce has gone through heartbreak and different struggles throughout her life. Her songs give an insight to her emotions during these tough times, which is something she has found many people can relate to and often times, they find comfort in that. 

“I’ve heard so many stories of how this music has carried people through seasons of their life that were hard,” Pearce told Country Heat Weekly, the new original podcast from Amazon Music. “It’s empowering to go. ‘Wow. We are all just on this human rollercoaster ride, trying to figure it out.’”


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Although she does get glammed up for her job as an artist to present herself in front of large crowds on stage and at various events, she makes sure her audience knows that when all of the makeup and accessories come off, she’s just a normal person.

“And it’s so nice to just go, ‘Hey guys, I know I have fake eyelashes on, I know I have fake hair and I know that I did not find these clothes. Somebody picked them out for me and I’m on a stage, but I’m just like you,” she added.

Country artists and many other celebrities or influencers who have a large fanbase online tend to have a significant impact on their followers in terms of how they should look, what they should buy, where they should go, etc. These expectations to always look or act a certain way for those in the spotlight can daunting to keep up with, because as Pearce pointed out, it’s not always realistic: “I think about young girls that are so impressionable and I don’t want people to think that what you see on a magazine is actually the aesthetic of all of us.”

Carly Pearce; Photo Courtesy CMA
Carly Pearce; Photo Courtesy CMA

In addition to her online presence, Pearce also makes it a point to be truthful in her music. A clear example of this is her latest studio album, 29. When writing the songs for this project, Pearce channeled her emotions that surfaced from her public divorce divorce to fellow country artist Michael Ray and the loss of her friend and producer, Busbee.

“It’s really important to me, just like my music is very raw and real. What you see is what you get. I want that to match me as a human,” she explained. “You know, I go to the grocery store and I look really bad and I don’t want to feel like I have to not live ‘Carly.’”

The Kentucky native shared that her upbringing has had a hand in the way she presents herself. It would be easy to give in and become someone everyone wants or expects you to be, but Pearce has remained humble and true to her roots and keeps her parent’s advice in the back of her mind.


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“My parents have always raised me to be yourself and don’t let this world change you,” she explained. “Well, I feel like it’s now my duty to say, ‘Hey girls, you too can buy this hair.’ They’ll always say to me in meet and greets, ‘I love your hair.’ And I’m like, ‘do you want the link? You can buy it. Like, it’s not real.’”

With Pearce, no amount of hair extensions or fake eyelashes could cover up who she is on the inside. 

Starting on March 10 in Chattanooga, TN, Pearce will continue her 29 tour and she’s bringing singer/songwriter Hannah Ellis with her.

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