Chris Janson Celebrates Release Of ‘The Outlaw Side of Me’ At The Grand Ole Opry

The event will live stream for free on Friday, June 16 coinciding with the release of the album.


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June 15, 2023

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Chris Janson; Photos via Instagram

Chris Janson celebrated the release of his new album, The Outlaw Side of Me, on country music’s most famous stage: the Grand Ole Opry. 

The multi-platinum-selling artist hosted an exclusive performance for fans earlier this week at the Opry and performed tracks from his new album as well as several fan favorites. 

The event will live stream on the free Circle Now app and is available to watch on the Circle All Access Facebook and YouTube pages this Friday, July 16th at 5pm CT.

Chris Janson Plaque; Photo by Josh Daubin
Chris Janson Plaque; Photo by Josh Daubin

While at the Opry House, Janson was surprised with four RIAA Platinum certifications for “Good Vibes,” “Drunk Girl,” “Fix A Drink,” and his 4x Platinum for mega-hit, “Buy Me A Boat.” 

Janson’s new 14-track project was produced by Julian Raymond (via Big Machine Label Group/Harpeth 60 Records) and will showcase all sides of the Missouri native, from the outlaw to the rowdy beer drinker, to the romantic to the full-throttle performer. 

The album’s lead single, “All I Need Is You,” is climbing the charts at country radio now and is closing in on the Top 20. 

The track was written by Janson along with Brad Clawson, Ashley Gorley, and Mitch Oglesby, and inspired by his relationship with his wife, Kelly.

“The whole overview of the song is, all I need is you, my wife. Kelly’s my best friend, of course, and the person I love most in this world. So, you know, it was a really a love song about her in full,” Janson previously told Country Now

This isn’t the first time she has inspired his music. 

“I love my previous love songs and of course, I’ll probably have more, but with this one, it just stands out,” Janson explained. “I think just because of the timing of when it was written and where it was written, those kinds of things. It was just real, you know, it was coming out of a pandemic, nobody really knew what was gonna be happening with life or jobs or anything, and I was just writing to be writing, which makes me feel really good, just writing real life stuff, which is love.” 

On the heels of the album release, Janson will co-host Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton this weekend (June 17th) where they will be counting down the week’s hottest Top 30 Country songs and discussing The Outlaw Side of Me.  

Among the other tracks on the project is “21 Forever,” featuring music icons Dolly Parton and Slash. This is Janson’s biggest collaboration to date. 

“Dolly and Slash– it doesn’t get any bigger than that! I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for these two,” he said previously.

The Outlaw Side of Me also includes special guests Brantley Gilbert and Darius Rucker. 

“From the minute I started this album ’til the minute we finished, I enjoyed every second,” Janson explained. “This record encompasses all sides of me: the lover, the party guy, the conservationist, the family man… I love these songs, and I had such a good time making the music. The Outlaw Side of Me is my favorite album to date.”

Chris Janson - The Outlaw Side Of Me
Chris Janson – The Outlaw Side Of Me

The Outlaw Side of Me Track List:

  1. Rowdy Gentle Man
  2. Honkytonk Minute
  3. Outlaw Side of Me
  4. All I Need Is You
  5. Hank The Hell Out of The Honkytonk (featuring Brantley Gilbert)
  6. Dirt In My Life
  7. Tap That
  8. Good Folks Goin’ To Work
  9. GOAT
  10. Get It Right
  11. Every Day of the Week (featuring Darius Rucker)
  12. 21 Forever (featuring Dolly Parton and Slash)
  13. Days in the Field
  14. 21 Forever (Original Version featuring Slash)
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