Chris Lane Sets Hits Sights On Another No.1 Single and Getting Rid Of His ‘Dad Bod’: ‘This Year Is My Year’

After a year of new music, unforgettable experiences and big moments, country superstar Chris Lane is starting 2022 off strong…


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January 15, 2022


4:04 pm

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Chris Lane; Photo Provided

After a year of new music, unforgettable experiences and big moments, country superstar Chris Lane is starting 2022 off strong with his Fill Them Boots Tour. Before kicking into high gear, Lane sat down with Country Now and several other media outlets to reflect on his recent endeavors and discuss what’s to come.

Aside from one of his greatest accomplishments yet, which is becoming a dad to his son Dutton, Lane had a number of milestone achievements to be proud of last year. Over the past few months, he released several wholesome singles relating to his life and family, including “Fill Them Boots,” “Ain’t Even Met You Yet,” “Stop Coming Over,” and “Small Town On It” ft. Scotty McCreery.

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“‘Small Town On It’ was actually a song that I’ve had recorded for two or three years, and I never put it out – always waiting for the right moment to do so,” Lane told Country Now. “Then the idea of releasing it on Hixtape came up and maybe throwing in another male artist on that song. We tossed back and forth a ton of different artists that it could potentially be. Scotty and I are both from North Carolina, we’ve never done anything together, we’ve played a lot of golf together, and we’re good buddies. I thought, ‘why would I not ask scotty to see if he would be available to do something like that?’ He heard that song, loved it and I’m so excited that he jumped on it.”

This single was featured on Vol. 2 of the Hixtape collaborations, founded by country artist and Mississippi native, HARDY. The second installment of this project, produced by Joey Moiincluded 33 artists and 14 original tracks. Being enlisted to take part in Hixtape gave Lane a new outlet for the music he was storing in his back pocket.

“I feel like it’s a great song, and obviously the Hixtape is a really cool thing that HARDY has going on. I was just excited to be a part of it,” Lane added. “I think it was the best way to release that song, rather than just having it be another song that we throw out there. It was a strategic, fun way to put a song out there that I hadn’t done before.”

Chris Lane; Photo by John Shearer
Chris Lane; Photo by John Shearer

In between new latest collaborations, learning to be a new dad and preparing for his own tour, Lane got the chance of a lifetime to perform on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time. 

“I feel like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a pretty cool moment for me. I grew up watching the parade as a kid and it felt pretty daggone cool to be up there on the float. It was honestly different than I expected it to be. I assumed I was performing the whole time, but you really just perform those 90 seconds and the rest of the time you’re just riding around on the float waving for two and a half hours. So my arm got tired from looking at one side then looking at the other. But yeah, I felt like that was a really cool moment for me.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for Lane to be chosen to ride on the Mount Rushmore float, because while singing his chart-topping hit “I Don’t Know About You,” Lane was thinking of his baby boy who was watching the scene unfold from the crowd with his wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane.

“Having Lauren and Dutton there to watch and having him right there as I was performing was so special to me. I’ll always be able to say, ‘buddy, your first thanksgiving ever we got to take you to the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade and I performed for it.’ I feel like he’s gonna think that’s pretty cool.”


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After taking the time to enjoy the holidays with his family, Lane is ready to get back to work. With January already flying by, Lane is hoping to make this year as good if not better than his last by making a few resolutions for himself, no matter how difficult they may be to keep up with. 

“Honestly, my new year’s resolution is usually to get back into shape. I feel like most people make this resolution every single year and I’m no different, but I tend to find myself saying, ‘alright starting at top of next week, I’m really gonna get after it.’ Then I find myself saying, ‘well I got this to do, this to do, maybe I’ll start it on Thursday.’ Honestly, it usually never starts because there’s always something going on that keeps you from doing it.”

With excitement written all over his face, Lane revealed his motivation to push through any obstacles that could get in the way of achieving his goals.


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“Doggone it this year is my year,” he continued. “I feel like I got the dad bod going on right now because I haven’t been able to work out through trying to keep up with Dutty and trying to get sleep and all that, but I think my main goal is to get back in shape. Career-wise, I’d love to have another number one this year or maybe two, depending on how fast it happens.”

Luckily, Lane has his beautiful wife Lauren by his side when the days get tough, always providing the necessary support. Together, the couple has been experiencing the ups and downs of parenthood while at home together, but the singer credits all the single parents who have to endure the hard work on their own, just to make sure their kids are taken care of.

“My wife tells me I have to make smarter choices all the time, and I feel like I know what she’s saying.”

Chris Lane and his family is headed out on the road for his Fill Them Boots tour, which features support from Tyler RichERNEST and Lily Rose on various dates. 

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