Colbie Caillat On Cloud Nine After Recording Duet With Musical Hero, Sheryl Crow: ‘I Still Can’t Believe It’

The song, “I’ll Be Here,” appears on Caillat’s forthcoming album, “Along the Way.”


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 2, 2023

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Colbie Caillat Feat. Sheryl Crow; Photo Provided

Soon, Colbie Caillat will unveil her full-length debut country album, Along The Way. To prepare fans for its arrival, the two-time GRAMMY winner dropped five advanced tracks including her latest, “I’ll Be Here,” which features vocals by her longtime friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Sheryl Crow. 

During an exclusive interview with Country Now, Caillat explained that she first started to form a friendship with Crow while opening for her on tour back in 2010 and the pair have stayed in touch ever since. Fast forward to 2020 and Caillat found herself getting back into songwriting after enduring a series of major life changes including moving from California to Nashville, breaking up with her fiancée and splitting up with her former band. Her newfound creativity and desire to start making music again led her to reach out to Crow after all these years. 

Recalls The Moment She Asked Her To Do A Duet

“I asked her if she would do a duet with me, and she said yes. Then it took me this long to actually be finished with the record and have a game plan so I only asked her again a couple months ago. I was like, ‘Is this still even on the table? I know you said yes years ago’ and she said ‘absolutely.’

Colbie Caillat, Sheryl Crow; I'll Be Here
Colbie Caillat, Sheryl Crow; I’ll Be Here

A few weeks later they recorded a stunning set of vocals and began to piece together the uplifting tune called “I’ll Be Here.” 

Still In Disbelief

“She’s just an angel and her voice is incredible and her energy, her wisdom, like I love getting advice from her. It’s just incredible,” Caillat said as she continued gushing about her critically acclaimed duet partner. “I was like, ‘wow I can’t believe I have a song with Sheryl Crow.’ I still can’t believe it.”

Co-written by Caillat with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Brett James and Jason Reeves, the inspiring tune continues with messages of her previous releases that convey themes of support and finding joy in celebrating the present. This song may have stemmed from Caillat’s post-breakup state, but with the lighthearted melody dancing around her and Crow’s calming vocals, it’s turned into a sonic anthem that can apply to both platonic and romantic relationships.

It’s a song about being there for the ones that you love, and I think it’s important to have a song that’s not necessarily just a love song or a breakup song. This song, you can sing it to anyone,” Colbie Caillat explained. “You can sing it to a family, friend, significant other, you could to yourself. I really thought it was important for someone to have a song like that and it’s just uplifting and happy. Again, adding Cheryl’s voice and who she is as a person to a song like this…I’m so grateful that it worked out to be this way.”

Powerful Song

Coming together on the chorus, the songstresses deliver a dose of serotonin as they promise, “I’m never gonna let you down, always gonna build you up / When you’re feelin’ lost, I will always find you, love / Never gonna walk away, always gonna have your back / And if nothin’ else, you can always count on that / When you need me, I will be here / I’ll be here, I’ll be here, I’ll be here.”

The song was also paired with an accompanying music video that opens with the “Bubbly” singer driving down a gravel road in her stylish open-air jeep. Soon, Crow joins the peaceful setting as she also appears driving through the countryside in her light blue pickup truck. Eventually, the pair of female artists come together in a sunset picnic surrounded by friends who are creating a core memory among the scenic views.  

Watch The Video

YouTube video

In addition to “I’ll Be Here,” Colbie Caillat’s debut country album Along The Way will feature previously released tracks, “Wide Open,” “Pretend,” “Still Gonna Miss You” and “Worth It.” The California-raised Nashville-based artist serves as a co-writer on each track of the 13-song project that will be available October 6 via Blue Jean Baby Records.

Colbie Caillat has several upcoming shows on the books in cities such as New York, Nashville, Fort Worth and more. For a complete list of her upcoming tour dates, click HERE.

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