Cole Swindell Blown Away By News of 10th No.1 Single: ‘Still Hard To Believe’

Cole Swindell is celebrating a career milestone this week with his 10th career No.1 single. His latest release, “Single Saturday…


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July 26, 2021

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Cole Swindell; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Cole Swindell is celebrating a career milestone this week with his 10th career No.1 single.

His latest release, “Single Saturday Night,” topped the charts at country radio this week and has logged over 122 million streams since its release. It’s his 11th career single and 10th No.1. 

“Ashley Gorley and Hardy sent me the demo for ‘Single Saturday Night,’ and I knew it was something I wanted to record,” Swindell shared in a release. “I was missing the road and the live shows and wanted my fans to have new music from me. Once we put it out, their reaction was so big it pushed us to release it to country radio. I can’t thank Country Radio, the fans, and my team enough for making this my 10th No. 1 song. Still hard to believe! I can’t wait to see everyone out on the road.”

Written by Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy and Mark Holman, “Single Saturday Night” finds Swindell recalling his last night out as a single man and the moment he unexpectedly fell head over heels in love.

“Sitting over in the corner, baby, I saw/ Pretty red lips working on a white claw/ Shaking to a little, shook me all night long/ And I thought, man, what a beautiful sight/ Ain’t a morning you don’t wake up in my shirt now/ Even holding hands walking out of church now/ Who’d of thought, baby, looking back that/ That would be my last single Saturday night,” the Georgia native sings on the chorus.

Now, instead of drinking alone at his local hang, he’s got his new lady by his side.


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“The line, the twist at the end [of the song] from going to church [with a new partner] to picking out one [to get married in], I thought that was brilliant, in a fun song like this. I just feel like it’s for everybody,” the singer previously told Country Now. “Whether you’ve had your last single Saturday night or you’re still looking for it, whatever side you’re on, I think everybody can enjoy it.”

Fans can catch Swindell performing “Single Saturday Night” on the road this fall as he joins Thomas Rhett’s Center Point Road Tour which kicks off August 20 in Bangor, ME. 

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