Cole Swindell Unveils Adrenaline-Filled Music Video For ‘Love You Too Late’

Cole Swindell takes fans on a wild ride in the brand new music video for his latest single, “Love You…


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July 31, 2019

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Cole Swindell; Photo courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Cole Swindell takes fans on a wild ride in the brand new music video for his latest single, “Love You Too Late.”

Actress/stuntwoman Kachina Dechert stars alongside Swindell in the just-released clip. Filmed in Nashville and directed by Sam Siske, the music video features performance shots of Swindell intertwined with clips of his ex-lover (Dechert) speeding through town in an attempt to escape the relationship she decided to leave behind.

The idea for the music video initially came to Swindell when they first started to brainstorm concepts.

“What if we find a badass stunt girl,” he recalled to

It turns out Dechert was the perfect woman for the job.

“You can tell she’s just a high adrenaline person,” he shared.

“Love You Too Late” is currently Top 15 (and still climbing) at country radio. The track, which was co-written by Swindell, Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney, is the latest single from Swindell’s third studio album, All Of It. It’s special to Swindell because it’s a bit of a departure from his previous releases.

“The three of us were writing together before I ever even got in the room with other songwriters. Those are the two guys I’ve always leaned on. Those drinking songs? Those party anthems? That’s been our niche,” Swindell explained of “Love You Too Late.” “And this sounds nothing like that, but it is one of my favorites.”

Swindell is also gearing up to release Down Home Sessions V by releasing one song a month for five months. In June, he released “Drinkin’ Hours,” and in July, he dropped the track, “All Nighter.” Fans can stay tuned for additional new tracks over the next three months.

Swindell is currently on the road with Luke Bryan on the Sunset Repeat Tour through October 25.

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