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We’re thrilled to spotlight country music’s rising talents in our Country Next series. Today, we sit down for a chat with Vincent Mason.


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May 3, 2024


12:30 pm

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Vincent Mason; Photo by Tristan Cusick

Rising singer/songwriter, Vincent Mason, is rapidly making a name for himself within the country music genre.

Originally from Roswell, Georgia, and having studied at Ole Miss University, Mason now calls Music City home. Though early in his promising career, Mason has already acquired a strong following and produced two recent smash hits.

Showcasing his lyrical narrations and soothing vocals, Mason recently unveiled his latest single, “Livin’ Proof.” Following the success of his breakout hit, “Hell is a Dance Floor” (which has amassed over 12 million streams and has been added to SiriusXM’s The Highway), “Livin Proof” captures the painful feeling of lost love, capturing the essence of emotional turmoil and heartbreak through meaningful words and heartfelt delivery.

Wrapping up a tour alongside Ashley Cooke last year and now hitting the road with buzzed-about artist Gavin Adcock this spring, Mason remains committed to connecting with fans and delivering captivating performances.

‘I’ve had a blast being out on the road, opening for Ashley Cooke last year and Gavin Adcock this spring. I’m looking forward to playing lots more shows the rest of this year, so stay tuned.’ Mason exclusively shared with Country Now.

We recently caught up with Vincent Mason to discuss his musical journey, his recent releases, his future plans, and more. Read on to find out more about Vincent Mason in this exclusive Q&A below.

How did you begin a career in country music?

I started writing songs in my freshman year of college. I did really well in school my first semester but found the only thing I was really excited about and felt fulfilled by was finishing a song. I made the move to Nashville since I knew that was where people went to make country music. I started sharing my songs on TikTok so people would hear what I was writing. I found that people also liked my voice and that gave me the push to start putting out songs.

Photo Courtesy Vincent Mason
Photo Courtesy Vincent Mason

You attended Ole Miss University until COVID hit, then decided to move to Nashville to pursue a music career. How was this transition for you, particularly given the change of direction amid the challenges of COVID?

When I made the move, the whole city was shut down and I didn’t know anyone here. So it was the perfect chance to figure out how to write songs by myself. I just sat around writing songs. Even though it got lonely, I’m thankful for those times now looking back.

Who were some of your biggest supporters throughout this journey?

I felt like God was telling me to go to Nashville. He laid that plan out for me and I followed the gut feeling I had. I had a moment of thinking maybe I’ll go back to Ole Miss for another year, but my parents helped me stay on the path of making the move to Nashville to pursue this. As soon as I said it, they wouldn’t let me change my mind.

YouTube video

You released a breakout single titled ‘Hell Is a Dance Floor’ earlier this year. How does it feel to receive attention for this song and witness its progression?

I had a good feeling about that song but had no idea it would turn into what it is now. I’ve had a good feeling about all the songs we’ve put out, so you never really know if something is going to connect like that. The coolest part by far is hearing fans sing it back and seeing all the phones go up when I play it at shows.

Where did the inspiration for the “Hell Is A Dane Floor” music video come from and what are you hoping viewers take away from it?

For the music video, it was important for me to do the song justice and stay true to the lyrics. I wanted the visual to feel authentic to the inspiration behind the song. I hope the music video captures the heartbreak that I think a lot of people are relating to in the song.

Can you share anything else about the music video?

The video was filmed at the American Legion in Nashville. I wanted it to have a small town, dive bar feel. It was my first music video shoot, so it was a cool experience working with a full team of people making the song come to life. I had my actual band playing in the video with me and the dancers did a great job helping tell the story.

Vincent Mason - Livin' Proof- Cover Art
Vincent Mason – Livin’ Proof- Cover Art

You also just recently released a new song titled ‘Livin’ Proof.’ How did this song come about?

“Livin’ Proof” was actually one of the songs I started writing by myself when I first moved to Nashville. I had the chorus and ended up finishing it a year later in the cowrite. It’s a bit of an exaggerated version of a place I feel like I’ve been in before, but it’s one of my favorite concepts I’ve come up with so far.

Though you’re still in the early stages of your career, what would you consider to be your most significant accomplishment or highlight thus far?

The success that “Hell is a Dance Floor” has seen and opening up for Parker McCollum. Having people know one of my songs like that is crazy. Parker has been a big inspiration, so getting to share a stage opening for him was incredible. He and his whole team were great.

What is your overall goal in making music? What do you want fans to take away from your music or what message do you want to send them?

Being relatable. Trying to meet people where they’re at, while being as true to myself as possible and hoping people can relate. At the end of the day, I want the songs that I write to hit people in that way. I know it can’t just be me that is having these experiences in life and feeling a certain way about them.

What’s next for you? A larger project? A tour? New shows?

I’m putting out an EP in May that I’m really excited about. It’s the most excited I’ve been about putting out music. I’ve really been able to dive into the production alongside my producer Brett Truitt. This is the first time I’m releasing more than just one new song at a time and I’m excited to see how the fans respond to a larger body of work.

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