Country Now Awards: Favorite Female Empowerment Anthem

Pour yourself something strong and kick off your cowboy boots because Country Now is celebrating the devoted artists that have…


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November 15, 2021


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Pour yourself something strong and kick off your cowboy boots because Country Now is celebrating the devoted artists that have made an influential impact on Music City and throughout the country music genre in 2021 with the inaugural Country Now Awards.  

For the first time ever, Country Now is recognizing signed and independent musicians that have scored high placement on the charts, released smash hits, held epic performances, and even the country newcomers who have placed their name on the map since January 1, 2021. 

Music fans have the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Country Now Awards, as they now have the chance to scroll through all 14 categories and hand-pick their favorite artists, songs and albums.

Fans can start voicing their opinion with unlimited votes beginning on Monday, November 15 at 9 AM CT. The polls will close on Tuesday, November 30 at precisely 11:45 PM CT.

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The Favorite Female Empowerment Anthem award goes to an artist whose song was released or reached peak chart position in 2021.

When you take a long back in history, you will see females within country music who have used the power of their large platform and voice to inspire, empower, and teach listeners about a variety of topics. For instance, Loretta Lynn shared her thoughts about Birth Control with her educational anthem “The Pill,” Dolly Parton touches upon equal rights by singing the moving words of “Just Because I’m A Women,” Reba McEntire praises the brave single mothers with “I’m a Survivor,” and of course Martina McBride salutes females going through the highs and lows of growing up as a woman with “This One’s For The Girls.” 

The legends of country music have paved a path for musicians today. They have proved that pushing their storytelling boundaries can, in fact, leave an ever-lasting impact on their audience and make a difference. With that being said, browse the categories below and click HERE to vote for your favorite empowering anthem that pulls at your heartstrings or makes you feel like you can tackle the world.

“Footprints On The Moon” Gabby Barrett

Written by: Gabby Barrett, Zachary Kale, and Jon Nite

“Footprints On The Moon” by Gabby Barrett marks her third single and follows her two consecutive No.1 hits, “I Hope” and “The Good Ones” The fan-favorite anthem serves as a reminder to always chase your dreams and to ignore the naysayers who try to tear you down. “A lot of people were very negative through school, anywhere and everywhere that I went, and it was difficult, and I wish I had a song to listen to at the time that I was going through that, and so for anybody else that is going through it, I wanted to release it for them to help them in any way,” shared the platinum artist in a press release.

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“Girl Who Didn’t Care” Tenille Townes

Written by: Tenille Townes, David Pramik, and Steph Jones

Tenille Townes has a way with words, as her empowering anthem “Girl Who Didn’t Care” pushes her fans to think about their younger self and reflect on how they used to perceive the world through their adolescent eyes. The idea to pen this track came about when she was taking a simple walk around her block, saw chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and heard young neighborhood kids playing in their backyards. The laughter and their carefree lifestyle made the singer-songwriter look inward and realize that she lost a touch of wonder in adulthood. Towards the end of the powerful track, she encourages her fans to find joy, hope, and significance in the little things in life.

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“It’s ‘Cause I Am” Callista Clark

Written by: Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, and Laura Veltz

Callista Clark may be young, but she is full of wisdom. The lead single from her debut EP, Real To Me, can instantly give any music-goer the confidence to face anyone or the day head-on. Throughout the track, you will hear the fierce 17-year-old take ownership of her creative ventures. The idea to pen the female empowerment anthem came after an individual made a negative remark about chasing a big dream in the country music scene. The fun and flirty ballad features her witty, sassy, and sarcastic side – while also showcasing her powerful vocals.

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“Lady Like” Ingrid Andress

Written by: Ingrid Andress, Derrick Southerland, and Sam Ellis

Ingrid Andress entered the country music space with a goal in mind – she wanted to break gender stereotypes and prove that there are several different types of femininity. The Colorado native grew up playing hockey in the streets to building a house for her Barbie dolls. However, she realized that many women out there did not have this freedom and luxury growing up, as she noticed that many were forced to fit into a certain stereotype. Therefore, she penned the powerful melody alongside Derrick Southerland and Sam Ellis to show fans who she is as a lady inside and out.

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“Like A Lady” Lady A

Written by: Hillary Scott, Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson, and Brandon Paddock

Leave it to Hillary Scott from Lady A to preach women’s independence! The powerful vocalist penned the ’80s pop-country-inspired single “Like A Lady” alongside Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson, Brandon Paddock and pulled inspiration from the queens of country music (Dolly Parton “9 to 5” and Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!)” The energetic smash hit encourages females to be confident in their decision-making and to feel comfortable in their own skin. The groovy ballad that projects good vibes follows their No.1 hit “Champagne Night” and served as a sneak peek into their eighth studio album, What A Song Can Do.

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“Raised Right” Reyna Roberts

Written by: Reyna Roberts, Danny Myrick, and Kylie Sackley

Fierce, confident, well-rounded, and down-to-earth is everything Reyna Roberts embodies as an artist on and off the stage. CMT “Next Women of Country” Class of 2021 musician Reyna Roberts gave fans a taste of whom she really is with her electric hit “Raised Right.” When creating the empowering ballad, she channeled her upbringing and shared every aspect that made her into the self-assured woman she is today. “Raised Right” marks Robert’s first release after signing her publishing deal with Eclipse Music Group and groundbreaking single “Stompin’ Grounds.”

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“Remember Her Name” Mickey Guyton

Written by: Mickey Guyton, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram, and Parker Welling

Mickey Guyton always manages to leave chills running up your spine with her moving melodies. Her title track, “Remember Her Name,” off of her 16 piece collection, shares the ups and downs of pursuing her craft in Music City. “Remember Her Name is a culmination of the last ten years of my life in Nashville,” Guyton shared. “This album is the closing of a chapter. All those years ago, I set out to create music that would make people feel self-empowered, loved, and comfortable being themselves, and this album holds true to all of that. I hope everyone who listens finds something that connects and speaks to them.” The song is for the lonely, for the people who feel lost in the world, and serves as a friendly reminder to keep pushing through the obstacles.

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“Somebody Does” Tigirlily

Written by: Kendra Slaubaugh, Krista Slaubaugh and Zarni Devette

The up-tempo anthem “Somebody Does” by the North Dakota duo, Tigirlily, is the empowering anthem that every music-goer should have on their uplifting playlist. The emotional-driven single penned by Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh alongside Zarni Devette was developed during one afternoon in 2020. When the world felt like it was falling apart due to the global pandemic, the influential sisters became the voice of reason. Upon release, the track quickly became the go-to song to play when one feels alone or even hopeless. The girls made it clear that everyone has a purpose of living for.

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“Things A Man Oughta Know” Lainey Wilson

Written by: Lainey Wilson, Jason Nix, and Jonathan Singleton

Rising star Lainey Wilson has touched many hearts nationwide with her twanging anthem “Things A Man Oughta Know” from her label debut album, Sayin’ What I’m Thinking. The radio-worthy hit gives men out there a little piece of advice on how to treat people right in a romantic relationship and delivers a few life lessons. The empowering message hit No.1 on Billboard Country radio charts, and the go-getter also became the first new solo female artist to claim the spot since Gabby Barrett’s smash hit “I Hope.”

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“Woman You Got” Maddie & Tae

Written by: Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Laura Veltz, and Mark Holman

“Women You Got” by Maddie & Tae might just be their most vulnerable song to date, as they open up about their flaws. While using their humor, wit, and of course unique play on words– the duo reveals their “imperfections.” “This song is the most autobiographical song we have ever written,” shared Maddie on their official website. “Our hope is that this song is an anthem for all our fans, male and female.”

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Are you ready to cast your vote for Favorite Female Empowerment Anthem? If so, head to and pick your go-to track that you will play at your next bash. Country Now readers have until November 30 to make their selection.


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