Country Now Live with King Calaway: Here’s How To Watch

On Thursday (August 26), King Calaway will take the stage for the Country Now Live series and fans are invited to…


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August 24, 2021

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Photo Courtesy King Calaway

On Thursday (August 26), King Calaway will take the stage for the Country Now Live series and fans are invited to watch the full band, interactive concert for FREE on Twitch.

Airing on CTRL_MUSIC_, a brand new country music channel on the popular interactive live streaming service, fans won’t want to miss this Wednesday’s show as the group will preview their new EP, Midnight

Following their performance, King Calaway will join Country Now for a Q&A. Fans will have the opportunity to engage the group in real-time via the chat on Twitch.

Country Now Live with King Calaway will take place at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville, the newest Nashville venue, which has established itself as a standout concert venue and proven leader in utilizing state-of-the-art production capabilities along with delivering the ultimate livestreamed concert experience. 

In-person tickets are available for purchase HERE.

Fans can RSVP to the FREE Country Now Live with King Calaway livestream by clicking HERE.

Here’s How to Watch: 

To stream Country Now Live on your desktop or mobile device, simply follow the link HERE to the CTRL_Music_ Twitch channel. 

To stream from your Smart TV, scroll to find the Internet app on your TV and type in the Twitch channel URL ( If you don’t have a Smart TV, then you’ll need a media streaming device, such as Google Chromecast, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

Twitch can also be viewed via Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4, and NVIDIA SHIELD. Twitch apps are available for free to download HERE.

This is a free stream, so you do not have to create a Twitch account to watch. But, if you want to be able to participate in the chat, get channel notifications and alerts, or cheer on your favorite artists, you will need to create a Twitch account, which is also FREE.

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