Dalton Dover Unleashes Eight-Song Collection, ‘Never Giving Up On That’

“So many milestones and memories have been made with these songs,” Dover shared.


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October 4, 2023

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Dalton Dover; Photo by Jim Wright

Dalton Dover recently unleashed his eight-song collection, Never Giving Up On That. 

The new project, produced by Matt McVaney and Alex Maxwell, features two previously unreleased tracks, “Dirt Roads and Jesus” and a cover of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” 

“This has been such an exciting time in my life, and it means so much to be able to share it with all of you,”  Dover said in a release. “So many milestones and memories have been made with these songs and what better way to celebrate that than putting them all together and adding some new ones. We can’t wait to bring more new music to you soon.”

EP Out Now

Dalton Dover - Never Giving Up On That EP
Dalton Dover – Never Giving Up On That EP

Written by Dover and his producers, “Dirt Roads and Jesus” is a faith-inspired song that expresses where he feels closest to God. This ballad was unveiled during his first performance at the Grand Ole Opry where he took the stage and explained that his faith is what carries him through the tough times in life. 

“Cause when I’m driving, flying / Through all the bumps in the road / I can see You’re right here, swear that’s when I feel You the most / When I’m down on my luck, and I’ve had enough / Of what life’s thrown at me / And all I need is / Dirt roads and Jesus,” Dover sang during the performance on country music’s most famous stage. 

Dalton Dover; Photos by Chris Hollo
Dalton Dover; Photos by Chris Hollo

Dover’s cover of Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” is a fan-favorite in his live set and it checks all the boxes of what a good cover song should be. He perfectly balances the element of making it his own version, while simultaneously building off of what was already in place. 

On the heels of the collection’s release, Dover premiered the official music video for his first single, “Giving Up On That.” 

The video showcases Dover in various settings around his hometown of Rome, Georgia, primarily alternating between scenes of him at a bar and seated in a church pew, with a few glimpses of outdoor scenery.

Music Video

YouTube video

“Every scene in the video is just somewhere that means something to me, places where I grew up,” Dover told CMT.com. “The people in the video are some of the most important people in my life. Growing up, you’re playing all these small venues around here. Little did you know 12 years later, you’d sign a record deal and film your first music video at the same exact place, the same bar that you played one of your first hometown shows in.”

The sincere, apologetic ballad narrates a man not giving up on who he loves. Though he is full of regret, he makes some changes in his life and becomes a better man for her. He searches for forgiveness as he admits his mistakes and waits for her to come back.

“Cause girl I’ve given up on / Drinking as much as I used to when I had you / Given up on / Just sayin’ I’m gonna change / I’ve given up on passing the blame / Everything made you walk out on what we had / But when it comes to wanting you back / I ain’t ever giving up on that,” Dover sings. 

Debuted as the most-added song at country radio, “Never Giving Up On That” still continues to climb the charts. 

Never Giving Up On That Track List

  1. Giving Up On That (Dalton Dover, Adam Craig, Josh Pierce)
  2. You Got A Small Town (Adam Craig, Jamie Paulin, John Pierce)
  3. Damn Good Life (Dalton Dover, Alex Maxwell, Jackson Free)
  4. Baby I Am (Jason Gantt, Dan Isbell, Nate Smith)
  5. Night To Go (Cole Taylor, Trea Landon, Shane Minor, Michael Carter)
  6. Hear About A Girl (Adam Craig, Michael Carter, Jim McCormick)
  7. If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)
  8. Dirt Roads and Jesus (Dalton Dover, Alex Maxwell, Matt McVaney)
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