David Morris Shares A Career Update As He Prepares To Close Out The Westin Nashville’s 27 LIVE Series

David Morris is originally from Charleston, WV, but now that he resides in Nashville to pursue music full time, he’s…


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September 20, 2023

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David Morris; Photo Provided

David Morris is originally from Charleston, WV, but now that he resides in Nashville to pursue music full time, he’s found that there’s something special about performing in Music City.

On Thursday (Sept. 21), the rising country star will get the chance to showcase his music in the heart of Nashville from 27 floors above the city’s bustling downtown area and The Gulch. He will take the stage at The Westin Nashville to close out this year’s 27 LIVE series, held on the L27 Rooftop Lounge. (RSVP to the show for free by clicking HERE.)

The “Carrying Your Love” singer will also be joined by Lathan Warlick, who has been tapped to take the stage at The Westin Nashville that night. 

Throughout the summer, the 2023 27 LIVE series has featured some of Music City’s most promising new artists including Morris, Kassi Ashton, Abbey Cone, and more. Plus, rising artist, Taryn Papa, serves as the host of the rooftop shows. 

No tickets are required to attend, but guests must be 21 or older. Each show begins at 7 pm CT.

For more information and to RSVP for priority entrance, please visit www.l27nashville.com/events.

Prior to the show, Morris sat down with Country Now to share that fans can expect him and his drummer to light up the night as he proves his ability to capture listeners with his catchy melodies and distinctive sound that combines, country, rap, pop and more. He has set out to take the audience on a “musical journey” as he delivers a nearly 20-song setlist featuring several of his most recent releases including “Prettiest Thing,” “Proud Of You,” “Jenny’s Song,” and “I Hate This Job.”

In addition to performing at The Westin Nashville, Morris has several headlining shows scheduled throughout the fall. Beginning November 10, he will head to the West Coast, bringing his music from Idaho to California and Arizona.

Keep reading below to learn more about David Morris’ upcoming set at The Westin Nashville, new music, how he established his unique, cross-genre sound and more. 

How does it feel to get to be the one to close out the 27LIVE series at The Westin Nashville? 

It’s really cool. I love performing in unique spaces and venues. So, on a rooftop in the heart of Nashville, it’s definitely going to be a special experience and I’m just excited. It’s so cool when you have the opportunity to give fans a free show and fans have been RSVPing and they’ve been telling me they’re coming, driving four hours to see the show and all this stuff. So I’m very excited. 

David Morris with Lathan Warlick
David Morris with Lathan Warlick

As a Nashville resident, what is it like getting to play a show in the town that has become your home?

I feel like there’s something special about Nashville shows. We’ve done only a couple this year, we did a headline show back in April at the Basement East. That was awesome. And I did a couple of showcases during CMA Fest, but in terms of performing in Nashville, really doing a show as a headliner, I try to limit it a couple times a year so that it is special so that people in Nashville surrounding areas can come. And I feel like a lot of people look for an excuse to come to Nashville so fans are like, “Hey, we’re coming for the weekend” or “we came to see you, but we’re staying to watch a hockey game” or a football game or something. A lot of fun stuff happens in Nashville and it’s really cool to just give people an excuse to come out and enjoy.

For fans both local and visiting, can you share a bit about what they can expect from your set? 

It’s myself and my drummer and we make it feel as if there’s a full band up there. The energy’s always, always alive and we run through my entire catalog. We’ll probably end up doing about 20 different songs and, you know, just expect to be taken on a musical journey, if you will. 

Lathan Warlick is opening for you. Have you two gotten to work together before in the past or will this be the first? 

No…I’m just familiar with him. I’ve seen him on social media, and I know we have some mutual friends and they suggested him as an opener and I said, let’s do it. So I’m really excited to see his set and to meet him and be able to share the night.

Which songs have you been most excited to perform lately?

The two most recent releases, “Prettiest Thing” and my song “I Hate This Job.” Those two have been really fun to perform just because they’re the freshest and… having fans sing along, that’s always really special. So probably those two.

The music video for “Prettiest Thing” just dropped, how much fun was it to bring that song to life in that setting?

I mean, that’s exactly what I kind of wrote the song about, you know, those days, being a small-town kid, getting to go to the county fair at summertime, fireworks, funnel cakes, music, monster trucks. So, we shot that at the Randolph County Fair in West Virginia and we just had a great time. We just went and had fun and documented the day and what you see in the music video is what we got to experience. So it was really fun to be able to bring that to life and bring the viewers, the audience on that journey with us.

YouTube video

Since you’ve already dropped a handful of songs this year, do you have any plans to release a project of some kind in the near future?

Yeah, that’s been the plan. It’s just releases into an album, and then we’ll continue to promote the album throughout the rest of the year, and into next year to more touring and stuff. I’ll still be dropping music videos, and just content around all the songs on the album, so super excited. We’re getting ready to announce details on that soon.

Is there anything you can share about what fans can expect from this forthcoming collection?

It’s just going to be a continuation of what I’ve been doing. More of what the fans love. I’m a big believer that, you know, give the people what they want and so there will be songs on there that run the gamut from the country rap to country pop to more country and folk stuff. It’s just a little bit of everything. So I would just say that if fans have enjoyed what I’ve released already, there will be very excited about the next album.

It’s clear from listening to your music that you have a very unique style. How did you come to develop your cross-genre sound?

I just grew up listening to all types of music is what it was, and just realizing that I’m such a fan of so many different artists and it’s like, well, that artist does that. This artist does this. I’m not going to try to emulate anybody. I’m just going to kind of take inspiration from the people that I enjoy and try to create something that’s uniquely me. I think that’s where great artists create an influence on themselves. So that’s what I’m trying to do is just trying to do something different and make it so that when you hear a David Moore song, you say, ‘wow. That sounds like him,’ you know, it doesn’t sound like anybody else. It’s really great to see the feedback of the fans. It’s kind of a sign from them like, wow, they like what I’m doing. I’m going to keep doing it.

When do you find yourself to be the most inspired to write new music lately?

When you get to a level where music is your full-time job and music is your life and you’re able to do that, it’s kind of like, at least for me, it’s less about, I need to get in and work on a song and make music and more about whenever inspiration hits me. So I’ll be driving and I’ll write a song, I’ll be in the studio with my producer or I may start a song, I may get an idea for something when I’m at the gym. It’s just one of those things that it kind of can come and go with the wind. You know, it’s like some days I feel like I’m never going to write another song and then some days I’m working on three different songs at once. It’s tough to explain, but inspiration can hit it at any given time.

Fans can keep up with David Morris on Instagram.

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