Erin Kinsey Takes A Unique Creative Approach To Her Latest Project

This is an innovative project where each song was recorded on the same day it was written.


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November 14, 2023


12:31 pm

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Rising country star Erin Kinsey recently shared an innovative, five-song collection dubbed same day sessions.

The same day sessions EP is a collection of songs that were each recorded on the same day it was written. This creative process exposes Kinsey’s unique voice, and profound songwriting in a whole new way as it captures her emotions in the moment. It also connects her pop and rock influences, while clinging to her deep desire for country music. 

“Like many artists, I’m prone to overthinking,” Kinsey said in a press release. “However, this writing and recording style allowed us to capture the tracks in their most authentic form, which is what makes them so different from other projects.”

Erin Kinsey - same day sessions; Cover Art Courtesy of RECORDS Nashville
Erin Kinsey – same day sessions; Cover Art Courtesy of RECORDS Nashville

Kinsey set the tone for each song by including the date alongside the titles so that listeners could understand what she was experiencing at that time and when the specific song was written. 

“I also wanted to include the date along with the song titles to create a timestamp of what was going on in my life at that time. I think it really gives listeners an opportunity to have a fuller picture of what my mindset was like going into each of these writes,” she explained.  

same day sessions Track List 

  1. never been closer 5.22.22 (Erin Kinsey, Sasha Sloan, Jesse Frasure)
  2. handful 8.30.21 (Erin Kinsey, Josh Ronen, Kyle Clark)
  3. middle of nowhere 8.1.22 (Erin Kinsey, Mark Trussell, Parker Welling)
  4. different us 2.15.23 (Erin Kinsey, Jacob Durrett, Seth Ennis)
  5. stayed a summer (fall version) 8.19.22 (Erin Kinsey, Josh Kerr, Micah Carpenter, Sara Davis)

The Texas native launched this project with “never been closer 5.22.22” on September 29. The initial toe-tapping track carries a fast-paced beat and a short fiddle instrumental. “never been closer 5.22.22” is an intense, passionate, and bold song that explains the feeling of preparing yourself to walk away. 

“The beat of my heart now, it’s beatin’ slower / The highs we’re ridin’ on are gettin’ lower / We were on fire, but it’s feelin’ colder / Baby, I ain’t sayin’ it’s over / But we’ve never been closer / No, we’ve never been closer,” Kinsey sings on the chorus.

Listen to “never been closer 5.22.22”

YouTube video

This alternative route of writing and recording allows listeners to fully absorb each song and understand the raw emotions of each writing session. It also allows every producer and featured artist the opportunity to double as co-writers on the tracks, which solidifies the overall project.

After teasing the project on social media, Kinsey dropped the full “same day sessions” EP on October 27. Fans have also had the chance to hear these tracks live as part of Kinsey’s opening set on the U.S leg of Morgan Evans’ Life Upside Down Tour, which launched on October 5 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Next up, she will join Restless Road as a special guest on their Last Rodeo Tour 2024.

Fans can keep up with Erin Kinsey on Instagram and stay up to date with all her upcoming projects and shows on her official website HERE.

Upcoming Dates on the Life Upside Down Tour

Nov. 29 – Terminal West – Atlanta, GA

Nov. 30 – The Underground – Charlotte, NC

Dec. 1 – The Senate – Columbia, SC

Dec. 2 – Music Farm – Charleston, SC

Dec. 14 – Elevation – Grand Rapids, MI

Dec. 15 – Joe’s – Chicago, IL

Dec. 16 – Majestic Theatre – Madison, WI

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