Mitchell Tenpenny Talks ‘We Got History,’ Life On The Road, & More On The Pupdate

Tenpenny delves into his hottest releases, spills the secrets behind his latest music videos, and shares the stage with the cutest co-stars—rescue puppies!


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November 14, 2023


12:12 pm

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Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

The Country Now Pupdate is back with Mitchell Tenpenny!

Mitchell Tenpenny brought his love for dogs into the Country Now studio, where he hung out with three puppies of Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue and answered a round of burning questions. 

He’s A Dog Lover At Heart

First, the country star took a moment to highlight his four-legged friends back home. Tenpenny owns three rescue dogs named Cash, Ducky and Annie, all of which he says have had a great impact on his life and continue to be a bright spot in his days. 

“Ducky is a pit bulldog mix, and Annie’s just a mutt, little terrier, and they’re all amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without ’em. They kind of saved my life in a time when I needed it, and I absolutely adore my dogs. They’re the greatest things, especially on the road, to come home to dogs, they’re just so happy to see you,” he told Country Now while beaming at the playful pups in front of him. 

Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

While taking in all the cuteness in front of him, Mitchell Tenpenny went on to discuss a few of his hottest releases, the makings of his most recent set of epic music videos, touring with the likes of Jason Aldean, Luke Combs and Jordan Davis, and more. 

“We Got History” Is Climbing The Charts

It’s been a little over a year since the Tennessee native dropped his This is the Heavy album. Among 20 tracks, this project spawned the platinum-selling chart-topping tune “Truth About You” as well as his now gold-certified hit “We Got History.”

Co-penned by Tenpenny with Andrew Albert, Jordan Schmidt and Devin Dawson, “We Got History” is what the singer/songwriter dubs his “mature version” of a breakup anthem. Throughout the upbeat track, he reminisces on a past relationship, but instead of wishing they could get back together,  he accepts the fact that they “don’t have a future anymore” and that all that’s left is the memories. 

“I think that God blesses the broken road. He leads you to bigger and better things, and there’s a reason he puts people in your life. Certain people are in your life for a reason that leads you to the next better thing. ‘We got History’ is basically just a song about someone that you have a history with that you haven’t spent time with, but no future with anymore,” he explained while discussing the inspiration for the storyline. 

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YouTube video

The song came to life in an out-of-this-world music video that finds Tenpenny honing in on his love for anything space-related, like aliens, and UFO’s. At the start of the clip, everything seems to be normal as the country star watches sparks fly between a young couple making memories of their own until things come to a crashing halt when the female character appears to be cheating on her love interest. Suddenly, Tenpenny appears to be putting on an astronaut suit inside a spacecraft and stepping into the role of the heartbroken character. 

Details His Obsession With Space

I love anything space-related. I love aliens. I love UFOs, so it’s really cool to do an astronauts kind of Apollo music video,” Tenpenny shared before revealing the idea behind the concept for the video. “To shoot that, it was basically my training to become an astronaut and the girl I dated in there starting to see somebody else, and it was a really cool storyline. I really liked how it kind of developed throughout the entire story. So it was a lot of fun and I got to put on a spacesuit, so I’ll take it.”

While the puppies seemed to be more interested in the treats in his hands than the story itself, Tenpenny was all smiles as he continued to discuss his passion for space and the theories surrounding aliens. 

I might’ve been abducted at some point, I’m not sure,” he joked. “But I always loved alien movies growing up, I truly did. Like the movie ‘Signs’ and just the curiosity of does something else exist out there? And ‘Men In Black,’ they were just fun movies for me growing up. So I’ve always been interested in it. And I’ve seen some UFOs before. I don’t know if they were aliens or not, but I’ve seen UFOs, so I’m definitely a believer.”

Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Even as a believer, Tenpenny admits he would have to see it for himself to truly know what’s true and what has been fabricated by people on the internet with the technology to make anything look real. 

“I’m kind of the guy that has to see it for myself when it comes to stuff like that, like ghosts and UFOs and aliens. But I have been paying attention to the news as they release some stuff, and I’m not sure. I’m a little skeptical on it, for sure,” he added. 

Las Vegas Music Video

The “We Got History” music video was followed by another full-production visualizer for his most recent release, “Bigger Mistakes.” Once again keeping with the theme of his upbeat breakup anthems, Tenpenny makes it clear that he won’t be sitting around sulking over the thoughts of his ex. When it comes down to it, he realizes he’s made “Bigger Mistakes” in life that hold greater value than this failed relationship, such as selling his first guitar to make some fast gas money and missing the opportunity to share a bottle of whiskey with the late country singer, Joe Diffie. 

He took that storyline and turned it into an authentically fun music video set in the chaos of the famous Las Vegas strip. Gathering together a group of his friends, Tenpenny hit the town in a party bus, enjoyed some drinks and celebrated the next chapter of single life as the character in the song. 

YouTube video

“We were definitely having fun in Vegas, and that’s where I wanted it to be. I want it to be real. I want it to feel like you’re making some big mistakes in Las Vegas and definitely had a little hangover after it too,” he admitted. “So I wanted it to kind of look like that whole hangover vibe…it was a lot of fun to shoot that. I had my best friend guitar player come out there with me, and it was just a great time.”

Touring With Jason Aldean

Tenpenny spent the summer playing songs like “Bigger Mistakes” and “We Got History” as part of Jason Aldean’s Highway Desperado Tour, a 39-city headlining trek that recently came to a close on October 28. While on the road, the “At The End of a Bar” singer explained he tried to soak up as much knowledge as he could from the well-established artist and keep it in store for his own future headlining dates. 

“It’s always the best part on these tours, getting to learn how they’ve done it for so long, and to see what the secret is of keeping a crew together for that long, a band together for that long. And it’s been awesome to get to talk to Jason and just ask him questions, learn and get advice on how to do that,” Tenpenny shared before continuing to gush about his tourmate. “He’s been so awesome and open and just really, really kind. I would say that Jason’s a super kind guy and always open to talk about any of that, which has been an awesome experience.”

Unfortunately, he revealed the two of them have not yet had the chance to collaborate on any new music. Their preferred method of hanging out includes watching football and playing golf. 

2024 Tours With Luke Combs and Jordan Davis

Next year, Tenpenny will get to embark on another set of major tours including his first-ever stadium run in support of Luke Combs’ Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour. This won’t be the first time he has gotten to play for Combs’ fanbase and he’s looking forward to sharing even more music with them this time around. 

“It’s always amazing ‘cause his fan base is so open to the openers and it’s so much fun to play for them. Our dm’s will be flooded afterwards of hopefully new listeners to our music, and they’re just very accepting of us on stage. They have fun. I know they’re definitely there for Luke Combs, but they’re singing songs back, they’re passionate. Luke Combs’ fans are amazing, and I can’t wait to be on this tour and just to get to play stadiums, that’s a dream as a kid, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Additionally, he has been tapped as a special guest for select dates of Jordan Davis’ Damn Good Time World Tour, which kicks off in April of 2024. 

“Jordan Davis is one of my favorite humans on the planet. We’ve become really good friends over the years, and even right after Covid was ending, me and him got in a van and took off with our acoustic guitars and played some shows, and I think that kind of started the fire for wanting to do this tour. They were so much fun to do together and again, another thing where I think the fans, it translates well between both of our audiences and me and him just, I know we have so much in common. We’re so similar. He’s taller and better looking for sure, but me and him, we just have the same sense of humor. We have a lot of fun on the road, and I absolutely love his music, so it just kind of fits. We’re good buddies and I don’t know, it’s just a cool full-circle moment to get to do this with him.”

To hear more from Tenpenny, including his unique home studio and the many action figures, nostalgic toys and old cartoons that fill the space, heading to Mexico for Luke Bryan’s upcoming Crash My Playa event, celebrating one year of marriage with his wife, Meghan Patrick, and more, click above to watch the Pupdate

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