EXCLUSIVE: Jon Langston Unveils Lyric Video For Regretful New Single, ‘Back Words’

Jon Langston is back with a new single, “Back Words,” and it has the potential to be his biggest hit…


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April 7, 2022


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Jon Langston; Photo Provided

Jon Langston is back with a new single, “Back Words,” and it has the potential to be his biggest hit yet.

The just-released song finds the rising star crooning over a breakup, finding himself wishing he could take “back words” that he said while turning the clock “backwards” to fix his wrongdoings. The relatable tune uses clever wordplay to convey a message of regret.

The lyric video – premiering exclusively on Country Now – brings the story of the song to life while showcasing the play-on-words used throughout the song.

While sitting at home for a bit of downtime in between dates on his busy touring schedule, Langston sat down with Country Now to talk about “Back Words, the brand new lyric video, and his first single, “Forever Girl,” that recently earned him his first Gold record.

Watch the ‘Back Words’ Lyric Video

“Back Words” was co-penned by Jon Nite, Ross Copperman and HARDY, who sang on the demo and really sold Langston on the idea.

“The first time I heard it, HARDY was singing the demo and he’s such an amazing songwriter and amazing singer. When I heard it, I was like ‘oh my gosh it’s gonna be hard to try and top his craft,’” Langston admitted to Country Now before explaining that although the first version was so well done, he still wanted to find a way to put his own signature stamp on it. “He does his own stuff and that’s awesome, but I’m trying to make that song my own and I think that worked out. I fell in love with the song when I heard it and it sounded like something I wanted to say and something I would have written. These guys are amazing songwriters and I’m so happy I cut their song.”

Jon Langston; Back Words
Jon Langston; Back Words

The new lyric video captures the play-on-words that can be heard throughout the single and seeing the lyrics physically scroll through the video is helpful to those who may not initially understand the songwriting masterpiece. “Having that lyric video out there will help clear some things up,” Langston acknowledged.

As the words are seen reflecting each other on the screen, almost as though the viewer is watching the lyrics unfold through a kaleidoscope, the characters are simultaneously telling the story in the background. This adds a unique element to the lyric video that borders an actual music video.

“I thought it turned out awesome…it’s kind of like a music video, kind of not. You can see the story behind it, but it’s just little paintings and visuals, it’s cool,” the Georgia native shared.

YouTube video

The song relates to Langston personally, as he has also experienced the need to retrace his steps and take back something he said or chose his words more wisely. “Back Words” brought something new to the table for him, and that’s just another reason he knew he had to record it.

“I’m a big play-on-words guy in songwriting and that whole song is a big play on words. The message that it sends, I loved it, I thought it was really cool. It was different especially for me, something like I’ve never put out before.”

While on the road for his headlining All Good Out Here Tour, Langston shared that one of the best moments so far has been hearing the crowd singing his latest track right along with him, even though “Back Words” has only recently hit the airwaves.

“Everyone’s singing every single word of that song already,” he marveled. “I love the song and I thought they would love it, but I didn’t know they would gravitate to it so fast. It was pretty cool.”

Now that he’s back into the swing of things with live music, Langston said he’s starting to feel like he can finally get back to where he left off in 2020. This song playing on country radio and being paired with a creative lyric video is the perfect recipe for success with the return of concerts and live audiences.

“It’s good to have a fresh start and get back to that whole world because it brings a whole new life to our set and our camp, so we’re excited.”

Jon Langston; Photo by Stone Wertz
Jon Langston; Photo by Stone Wertz

Just before this song dropped, the “When You’re Lonely” singer made his Grand Ole Opry debut, a night so special in itself that he says it was “one of the greatest days of my life.” Langston was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate this milestone in his career. He even got to share the stage in February with two of his best friends and bandmates, which helped calm his nerves a bit.

“Having them by my side made me feel like I wasn’t up there alone. They’ve been with me from the start so getting to share that moment with them was cool and having my family and friends come from all over to support me, I was a nervous wreck it was nuts. I told them I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much over two songs in my life,” he joked. “Everyone was so nice at the Opry, so genuine and welcoming. It gives you a little encouragement and calms your spirit a bit. the whole day was awesome, I’ll never forget it.”

That night he also received some words of encouragement as he was walking into his dressing room and saw a photo of his hero, Alan Jackson, that said something along the lines of, “‘You’re here in the Opry, nervous to go on stage and that’s what makes country music so great.’ It hit me right in the soul, it was really cool to have that and it got me to calm down a bit and take a breath.”

Just when Langston thought his Opry debut couldn’t get any better, he was surprised his first gold record for the first song he put out in college, “Forever Girl.” He described the moment as “insane,” but the best part was that he finally had a token from all his hard work in the music industry to hang up on his wall.

“It’s the one that took off on social media for me back in the day and made me fall in love with singing in front of people and entertaining people because that was the first song I heard people sing back to me when I was playing college bars and parties. It took me to where I am today, it set the foundation. To get that gold record, it was like a nod of ‘keep it up, keep going.’”

Jon Langston has tour dates planned throughout the Spring and Summer. Click HERE to see if he’s coming to a city near you.

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