Exclusive Premiere: Jesse Labelle Strolls Nashville’s Neon-Lined Streets In ‘Hey Rachel’ Video

Singer-songwriter Jesse Labelle is sharing the brand new music video for his introspective single, “Hey Rachel,” exclusively with Country Now…


Melinda Lorge

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July 9, 2019


10:00 am

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Jesse Labelle; Photo by Andrew Morton

Singer-songwriter Jesse Labelle is sharing the brand new music video for his introspective single, “Hey Rachel,” exclusively with Country Now readers first.

Shot in Nashville, the clip finds Labelle performing his deeply emotional tune on guitar, while seated on a stool at Gray Matter Studios. “I’ve been lost so long in this neon town / I drank so much that I almost drowned / Scared I’d settle just to settle down / And I never thought that I would say / I ever needed to be saved / But I swear to God that you must be an Angel / Hey Rachel,” Labelle croons, as footage featuring him walking along Broadway bars and honky tonks appear in flashback scenes behind him.

“We kept the video really, really simple,” Labelle tells Country Now. “I wanted a companion piece to the song, and this song is about going out and getting lost in this neon town, and we did just that.”

“It’s really a true and honest video,” he continued. “It shows me down on Broadway wandering around aimlessly like I used to do before I met Rachel. It’s me performing and then looking back to the times when I was down on Broadway. We tried to make it as close to home, and as close to true as we could. The song is so honest and so raw that I wanted the video to be the same thing.”

Labelle co-wrote “Hey Rachel” alongside Ava Supplesa and released the authentic track to all digital service providers on June 16. Even though the ballad recalls a real-life romance with a girl named Rachel, the dynamic crooner told listeners via Facebook that they can share it with anyone “who’s ever been heartbroken and lost, hopefully in love and found, moving out of an old phase in their lives or starting a beautiful new one.”

“For me, this song is about more than the name Rachel. Rachel could go by any name. Anybody can go out there and find their Rachel, and they can play it for somebody if they want them to know how they feel. The name doesn’t have to be Rachel to enjoy the song,” Labelle explained. “To me, the song is about finding a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s kind of a lesson, it’s like you can love someone that doesn’t love you back. Love is out there. Doesn’t always end the way you want it, but it is something that you can always go out there and find. It’s never dead.”

“Hey Rachel” will appear on Labelle’s eagerly anticipated upcoming EP, which will also feature songs such as “Mystery” and “Our Summer of 69.” The yet-to-be-named project is due out later this year. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Labelle’s songs live, as he’s out on the road performing at festivals throughout the summer.

“Every time that I play live we make so many new fans and I get to share the new music with so many new people. That, to me, is the most important thing to do right now,” Labelle said. “I want people to take away a sliver of hope from my music. Really above and beyond all else I think that there’s so many songs out there that people just listen to. I want them to hear mine. There’s a lot of thought that goes into the lyrics and there’s a lot of real-life experience that goes into the lyrics. I want people to listen to it and just take away a sliver of hope and if it makes one person’s day just a little bit better than I’ve done my job and I’m happy.” 

Check out the “Hey Rachel” video above.

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