Exclusive Premiere: Jessie Ritter’s ‘Nothing But You’ Music Video

Big Machine Label Group’s Jessie Ritter is ready to leave her mark on country music with the recent release of…


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August 13, 2019

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Jessie Ritter; Photo by Annie Theby

Big Machine Label Group’s Jessie Ritter is ready to leave her mark on country music with the recent release of her debut single, “Nothing But You.” The Missouri native brings the song to life through her brand new music video, premiering exclusively on Country Now.

The just-released clip doesn’t feature a complicated storyline or any actors. Instead, it allows the song to be the focal point of the video, with Ritter delivering a breezy performance of “Nothing But You” on the tailgate of an old green pickup truck.

The video came to life one day when Ritter and her brother-in-law, Jay Toups, were planning to shoot some promo content. As Ritter recalls, the music video “spontaneously happened” while they were on-location shooting.

“We were just gonna do a little promo when we were out there together, and he’s like, ‘do you wanna just do a whole video?’ And I was like, ‘yeah! Why not?!’ And so we just kept filming,” she explains. “It was so fun that it kinda just came out so organically.”

Ritter is thrilled with the finished product and hopes it serves as a great introduction to her and her music.

“It’s my first single so I really wanted [the video] to be like, ‘Hi, I’m Jessie. I wanna meet you! Thank you for listening!’”

The impromptu video shoot didn’t come without any snafus, however. The old pickup truck featured in the video, which belongs to her mother-in-law and is affectionately known as Daisy, proved to be a bit difficult to maneuver.

“The truck was really hard to drive to the shoot,” she says with a laugh. “I mean, we’ve had it all this time and that was the first time I had actually driven it myself and I was um….the steering wheel shakes like crazy. I was happy I didn’t get pulled over on my way!”

“Nothing But You” was co-written by Abbey Cone, Daniel Ross and Jimmy Thow. Ritter tends to write most of her own music but was drawn to “Nothing But You” when she was on the hunt for the “perfect” debut single.

“I like test my songs when I go running. I was out on a run and I was trying to decide which one I would save to the top of the playlist and also which song I wanted to listen to during the summertime when I’m driving down to the beach,” she recalls. “This one just really caught my eye. I was excited to have such a happy, upbeat song to add to my catalog, and it was really cool because it was the first song I’ve ever recorded that I didn’t write.”

Fans can check out the premiere of the “Nothing But You” music video above.

Following the release of “Nothing But You,” Jessie Ritter, who is based out of Northwest Florida, plans to spend more time writing and recording in Nashville. In the meantime, fans can catch the singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows throughout the fall.

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