Family Of Loretta Lynn Offers Latest Health Update On Her Son, Ernest Ray

Ernest recently underwent life-saving surgery after suffering kidney failure.


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 29, 2024


3:10 pm

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Loretta Lynn, Son Ernest Ray; Photo Courtesy of Loretta Lynn/Facebook

Crystal Lynn, wife of late country icon Loretta Lynn’s 69-year-old son Ernest Ray, has shared a new update with fans regarding the state of Ray’s health following a recent surgery. After several procedures and many prayers, she took to Facebook on Monday (Jan. 29) to say that Ray is going “home to heal.” 

Ernest Underwent Surgery As A Result Of Kidney Failure

Last week, Lynn’s family began asking for prayers and support as they learned Ray had to undergo yet another procedure as a result of kidney failure. Shortly after, Crystal seemed to be feeling more hopeful as she once again took to social media to announce that he had made it out of the surgery and that everything appeared to have gone well. Unfortunately, her following post indicated that the procedure may not have been as successful as they initially thought. 

“So many of you have messaged or commented asking for an update regarding Ernie and his operation. Thank you for that,” she shared on Facebook before revealing, “The day hasn’t gone as we had hoped for but we are not giving up. We wholeheartedly believe and claim that this operation will be successful and that the Lord will fulfill our needs. ”

Crystal Lynn; Facebook Update
Crystal Lynn; Facebook Update

While speaking on half of his loved ones, Crystal continued to ask her followers to keep their family in their prayers in hopes that the new device Ray is testing out will start to work. The type of treatment he is trying now was not specified, but the family seemed to be keeping their optimism high. Her latest post revealed that after three weeks of stress and uncertainty, they finally saw a “successful dialyzation.”

Latest Update

“I have no explanation for it other than GOD….One day we can’t get a successful dialyzation…(3 weeks total) The next day we can,” she wrote, expressing the true wave of emotions this journey has been. “One day we’re facing more serious circumstances….The next day we’re not….One day we’re not certain what the future holds…The next, we have confidence that the future is bright….GOD can do what we can not, and HE has done it!!!”

She went on to say that they can finally “let our minds and bodies rest” because her husband is getting to return home. The end of the message included tons of gratitude for the positive thoughts and prayers offered up by others. 

“We are ETERNALLY grateful.”

Crystal Lynn; Facebook Update
Crystal Lynn; Facebook Update

Ray is the fourth of six children born to Lynn and her husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. He shared his mother’s passion for music and spent many years of his life joining her on the road, performing as an opener and playing in her band.

Ernest Is Tayla Lynn’s Father

He is now a father to his own daughter Tayla Lynn, who was born to Ray and his first wife, Cindy Pelmons in 1975. Tayla has also continued to carry on her grandmother’s legacy as a singer/songwriter.

The first post regarding Ray’s health journey was shared via social media on Tuesday, January 23. It explained that the 69-year-old was set to undergo a “critical surgery as a result of kidney failure.”

The remainder of the post read, “In moments like these, we are reminded that all that really matters is faith and family. We would love to know you are praying with us for Ernie. Thank you—The Lynn Family.”

While the Lynn family tends to remain private about personal matters, Crystal explained that Ray gave his blessing for them to post updates of his health. 

A Life-Saving Procedure

One day prior to the surgery, Crystal revealed that his most recent surgery marked his third operation since last fall. 

“It is a life-saving and life sustaining operation, so we desperately need it to work this time so that they don’t have to take more drastic measures,” she wrote before his most recent surgery. “So I ask of you all today to PLEASE pray for guidance for the doctors so that they may put this new device in a place that it works perfectly, as well as to pray for my husband and that he makes it through surgery with flying colors, that he heals quickly and completely, and that he finds good health and enjoyment out of life once again.”

Tayla Lynn; Facebook Update
Tayla Lynn; Facebook Update

Tayla then responded to her stepmom’s heartfelt plea for prayers with words of gratitude, as she commended Crystal on the fact that she has taken “incredible” care of Ray.

“I’m talking day and night, and we appreciate that more than words can express. She is a helluva a nurse, and he’s a wild patient I gauran-dang-tee,” she joked before adding, “Thank y’all for loving the whole family. Thank you for sending healing thoughts and strength.”

Any further updates regarding Ernest Ray’s health that the family wishes to share, will likely be posted to Crystal Lynn’s Facebook.

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