Granger Smith Falls Ill, Gets Tested For Coronavirus

After experiencing flu-like symptoms, Granger Smith recently got tested for COVID-19 and documented it all on his YouTube Channel, ‘The…


Andrew Wendowski

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April 29, 2020


12:16 pm

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Granger Smith; Photo Courtesy of YouTube Video

YouTube video

After experiencing flu-like symptoms, Granger Smith recently got tested for COVID-19 and documented it all on his YouTube Channel, ‘The Smiths.”

In a new video shared with fans on Wednesday (April 29), Smith shared that is sick and promised viewers that the video was not “clickbait.”

“I promise, I’m sick and it’s a really weird time in the world to be sick,”he said.

Smith went on to explain that he woke up feeling ill and that he had come down with a sore throat, high fever and body aches. He immediately quarantined as a precautionary measure to keep his family safe.

“So yesterday, I woke up in the morning with a little bit of a sore throat, and then it turned into a fever at about noon and when it turned into a fever…My fever went up to like 103, and I quickly quarantined myself, I went to the farm and got on the bus and I was just sitting on my bus and was ‘like what is going on,’” he shared. “I have been around the same group of people for 6 weeks, none of those people have gone anywhere.”

Smith worried that he was experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

“My mind is racing and I’m like Googling all the symptoms [of COVID-19], the one thing that was sticking out to me, I don’t have a cough, I just have a really high fever, am achy and a really bad sore throat. I’m like that sounds like strep, that’s every that has to do with strep,” he said. “So I was like well, I gotta go get tested. I go to the doctor and run all the tests. These days going to the doctor and getting all these tests is a strange deal. You know? I had a mask on, gloves on and the one test that comes back positive is strep.”

The singer/songwriter went home feeling extra thankful for his health.

“It was definitely a bit of a wake-up call for me, makes you feel more grateful for a healthy family.”

Click the video above to watch Granger Smith’s latest YouTube video documenting his COVID-19 test.

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