Hear Luke Bryan’s Sexy New Single, ‘What She Wants Tonight’

After taking “Knockin’ Boots” to the top of the charts at country radio, securing his 23rd No.1 hit, Luke Bryan…


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October 24, 2019

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Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy the Artist

After taking “Knockin’ Boots” to the top of the charts at country radio, securing his 23rd No.1 hit, Luke Bryan is back with a brand new, super sexy single called “What She Wants Tonight.”

Making its debut on Thursday (Oct. 24), “What She Wants Tonight” was written by Bryan alongside Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey and Jon Nite.

As Bryan explains it, the song is a “big up-tempo” with a beat that “catches your ear right off the bat.” Lyrically, it’s one of his sexiest releases to date.

“It just talks about this girl. She owns the night, right? She gets what she wants and I get to be what she wants tonight,” he explained to Country Now and other media prior to the song’s release. “It’s funny, I feel like it’s something girls will love, hearing that sentiment. I’m really excited about it.”

For Bryan, the chance to write with Lindsey was a dream come true. He couldn’t help but gush over getting the opportunity to be in a writing session with her.

“I went so many years wanting to record a Hillary Lindsey song, and especially record one that I’ve written with her,” he shared. “I’ve always thought, since the day I moved to Nashville, she’s probably our most prolific writer…Anyway, I can go on and on about Hillary.”

Bryan went on to explain how he challenged himself a bit when recording with this one and he says he’s really proud of the way it turned out.

“I’m doing a few different vocal things on this. It’s one of the first things people say as they haven’t heard me sing in that type of style,” he explained, adding, “The whole overall album is trending in a great place for me, but this song is just something that I just feel like is just going to really pop on the radio.”

To coincide with the release of “What She Wants Tonight,” the Georgia native also debuted a video for the song. Check it out above.

Bryan is scheduled to close out his Sunset Repeat Tour with a massive show at Ford Field in Detroit on Friday. After that, his next scheduled appearance isn’t slated until January 22 when he’ll appear in Mexico for his annual Crash My Playa event.

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