Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell Are a Match Made In Heaven

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott says she knew there was something special about Chris Tyrrell the moment she met him. “I…


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January 7, 2020

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Chris Tyrrell and Hillary Scott; Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott says she knew there was something special about Chris Tyrrell the moment she met him.

“I thought off the bat that he was really attractive, and I could tell that he was kind,” she once recalled to Redbook magazine of their first meeting while in college. “Kindness just oozes out of him. I wanted to date him when I met him! And he just wanted to play basketball.”

A few years would go by until their paths crossed again. This time, it was 2010 and they were both on tour with Tim McGraw. Lady Antebellum was a special guest on the tour, while Tyrrell was a drummer for country duo Love & Theft, who was McGraw’s opening act at the time.

They began dating and Tyrrell soon got a gig drumming for Lady Antebellum.

The couple grew closer and got engaged over Fourth of July weekend in 2011 while vacationing in East Tennessee.

“We had just been on a hike and — in our workout clothes — he hit the knee!” she told People at the time. “We feel so blessed by God that He sent us each other, and we are looking so forward to forever together!”

Their forever began January 7, 2012. In upstate New York, Scott and Tyrrell exchanged vows surrounded by family and close friends. They shared the news in a video posted to the Lady Antebellum website.

“We got married!” Scott gushed, flashing her new wedding ring. “We just wanted you to hear it from us first. We love you. We’re so excited to be starting our life together and we just had to let you in on the exciting news.”

Life got even more exciting for Hillary and Chris on July 22, 2013 when their first child, Eisele Kaye, entered the world. “She is incredibly gorgeous,” the proud new father shared following her birth.

In the years that followed Eisele’s arrival, it appeared that the Tyrrells were living the perfect life, but behind closed doors, the family faced devastation.

“Last fall, I went through a miscarriage,” the singer said in a tearful interview on Good Morning America in the summer of 2016. “This is something that is not talked about very often. I also feel like there’s this pressure that you’re supposed to be able to snap your fingers and continue to walk through life like it never happened.”

Scott relied on her faith in God to get her through. She also poured her heart and soul into her music. Scott’s deeply emotional song “Thy Will” was written in the midst of her darkest time.

A few months after revealing her struggles with miscarriage, Scott announced to the world that she and her husband were expecting twins.

“It’s truly a miracle,” she wrote on Instagram.

Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn arrived January 29, 2018.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed and prayed for these little ladies, and thank you Lord for healthy babies,” the mother of three shared.

Following the twins’ arrival, the couple shared the news that Tyrrell would be stepping back from his role as Lady Antebellum’s drummer to take care of their family “for the time being.”

“We’re both equipping each other to do exactly what we’re supposed to be doing right now,” Scott shared with People. “We just came to that agreement together. It was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made and the peace that we’ve felt since we made it has just been continual proof of it being the right call.”

Tyrrell said he was “looking forward” to spending his days with their daughters.

“I’ve been a bandmate, employee, husband and dad, so I’m okay removing a hat,” he explained. “Besides, when you looked at whether the band could do without me or her, there wasn’t much question!”

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell’s relationship is so special, it could be a country song. In fact, it inspired the Lady Antebellum hit “Just a Kiss.”

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