Home Free’s ‘Cross That Bridge’ Music Video Is All About Young Love

Young love is in the air in Home Free’s newest video for “Cross That Bridge.” The tune is featured on…


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February 19, 2020

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Home Free; Photo by Olena Noelle

Young love is in the air in Home Free’s newest video for “Cross That Bridge.” The tune is featured on the all-vocal country entertainers’ latest album, Dive Bar Saints.

Directed by Dustin Haney and produced by April Kimbrell, this clip puts a teenage boy’s budding relationship with a female friend front and center. In the just-released clip, the pair can be seen looking happy, as they spend an afternoon riding a dirtbike, skipping rocks by the water and enjoying each other’s company.

As with many young love stories, the teens aren’t concerned about seeking approval from their respective parents. Instead, they view their parents’ objections as a mere bridge they’ll eventually have to cross. Home Free, known for their impeccable harmonies, add to the video’s forbidden love storyline by providing both the lyrics and the tune’s accompaniment amid a breathtaking scene of water and trees.

“I swear to God I’ll do my best / And time will tell if we’ll pass that test / But we’ll cross that bridge when it comes,” the band members sing throughout the chorus of the song, co-written by Keelan Donovan and Matthew McVaney.“What we got, we better not waste it / Like it or not, we might not make it / We’ll cross that bridge when it comes / Yes we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Home Free, who released their Dive Bar Saints album in September of 2019, had plenty of songs to choose from when selecting tracks for the ambitious project. For them, however, “Cross That Bridge” made for an easy addition to the mix, which includes recent releases like “Why Not,” “Love Me Like That,” and “Dreamer.”

“I’ve always lived life one day at a time,” the band’s baritone, Adam Chance, explained. “Sometimes you just go where the wind takes you, and there’s something romantic about that idea, particularly when it comes to fledgling love. So this tune embodies that spirit, and right away, I liked that about it.”

Home Free, comprised of Chance, Rob Lundquist, Austin Brown, Adam Rupp, and Tim Foust, will take their Dive Bar Saints World Tour overseas later this month. The massive trek, which hits 16 different countries, and includes over 100 shows, is expected to wrap in October.

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