Hot Country Knights Turn Heads With Pun-Filled ‘Asphalt’

Following the announcement of their debut radio single, “Pick Her Up,” Hot Country Knights are giving fans a taste of more new music with the release of “Asphalt.”

The tongue-in-cheek tune is filled with puns, taking a hilarious approach to the word “Asphalt.”

“I woke up by the crack of Dawn / And I left a note by her bed / Saying, ‘Girl, I just gotta get gone’ / And that’s pretty much all that it said,” lead singer Doug Douglason sings in the opening lines, adding, “Now I’m out here chasin’ what I’ve gotta find / I sure hate to leave her behind.”

As his band members chime in with harmonies, Douglason transitions right into the chorus, singing, “It ain’t my fault / It’s that asphalt / Yeah it calls out my name and I’m gone just like that / I don’t really care if it’s curvy or flat / I could stay, but there’s always a but / That makes me jump into my truck / There’s one big ol’ reason why I’m even leavin’ at all / It’s that asphalt / That sweet asphalt.”

From late-night hookups, to partying backstage, to trashing motel rooms, the “Asphalt” music video documents the Hot Country Knights’ antics from the road. Check out the recently released clip above.

Hot Country Knights will kick off the 2020 One Knight Stand Tour on April 7. The headlining run will take the ’90s influenced band to major markets, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.