Iconic Parts of Nashville’s Lower Broadway Destroyed In Violent Riots

Photo credit: Natalie Allison On Twitter

As major cities around the nation face destruction due to violent riots, Nashville is now under siege and the National Guard has been deployed.

Peaceful protests turned into violent riots on Saturday evening (May 30) as rioters took to the streets of Music City to demand justice for the murder of George Floyd and to end police brutality.

The riots began in the early evening, with protestors setting fire to Nashville’s historic courthouse. The rioters then made their way to Broadway, where they reportedly busted out glass windows of several businesses and honky-tonks, including Big Time Boots, AJ’s Good Time Bar and The Stage. The glass windows were also shattered at Margaritaville, where looters were said to have gone in and ransacked merchandise inside.

The violent acts forced Metro Nashville Mayor John Cooper to issue an emergency order and Metro Nashville Police issued a curfew for 10pm local time. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee also authorized the National Guard to be deployed.

This story is developing and will be updated as new information comes in.

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