Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson Team Up For Powerful ‘I Would’ve Loved You’ Duet on ‘The Voice’

Jake Hoot, Kelly Clarkson; Photo by Trae Patton
Jake Hoot, Kelly Clarkson; Photo by Trae Patton
Jake Hoot, Kelly Clarkson; Photo by Trae Patton

Jake Hoot returned to The Voice stage on Tuesday evening (May 18), joining forces with his former coach, Kelly Clarkson, to perform their emotional duet, “‘I Would’ve Loved You.” 

The pair delivered a stunning rendition of the duet, leaving fans mesmerized by their powerful vocals and stage presence. 

“I Would’ve Loved You” was co-written by Hoot alongside Jamie Floyd and Lonestar’s Dean Sams. The song tells the story of the downfall of a relationship and how one mistake can ultimately change things forever.

“’I Would’ve Loved You’ is a song about how the choices we make and the consequences that follow. It is a story about someone who has so much love to give, but due to the other person’s decisions, that love turns into a hate that lasts forever,” Hoot previously shared of the inspiration behind the song.

The heartbreaking ballad opens with Hoot’s vocals on the first verse. Clarkson’s powerful pipes come into play on the chorus, sending chills down listeners’ spines as their voices blend together seamlessly.

“More than forever, always, madly / the deepest, unforgettable / With all that I am / with my heart wide open / for the rest of my life I promise you / I’m gonna hate you as long and as much as I would’ve loved you/ And I would’ve loved you,” Hoot and Clarkson sing.


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The former Voice champion says he’s “beyond thankful” that his coach, Kelly Clarkson, believed in him enough to lend her vocals to the song.  

In a recent interview with Everything Nash, Hoot shared how the collaboration came together.

“When we wrote it, I said, ‘I think this would be awesome if we got Kelly to sing on this,’” he shared with the publication. “When I was on The Voice, she said, ‘Hey, let’s do something together.’ So I sent it to her, and didn’t hear anything. And then later on in the year, when we were seriously considering putting this on the album,  I said, ‘You know what? I’m just going to text her again,’ because I had to ask her a couple of questions about other things.”

Finally, when he was able to reach her, she said that she never had a chance to hear the song when he originally sent it. Once she heard it, Clarkson was all-in. 

“She called me back immediately and she said, ‘I want to shout this from the rooftops. Yes, I’m in,” Hoot explained. “Like, let’s get this done. And so trying to coordinate her incredibly busy schedule with mine, recording everything and then also a wedding coming up and then having to fly to LA to record, or having to send stuff out there, it just all worked perfectly.”

“I Would’ve Loved You” is featured on Hoot’s just-released debut EP, Love Out Of Time

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