Jana Kramer Releases Powerful New Single ‘Untouchable’

The unpredictable events that have unfolded over the past few months have moved Jana Kramer to release a powerful new…


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April 17, 2020


6:53 am

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Jana Kramer; Photo by Matthew Sayles

The unpredictable events that have unfolded over the past few months have moved Jana Kramer to release a powerful new single called “Untouchable.” 

The emotionally-charged track, which dropped Friday (April 17), finds Kramer yearning for the kind of love that’s unbreakable and able to survive through any difficult situation. Kramer utilizes her signature airy vocals to deliver the song’s timely message over a soothing arrangement. 

“Are you somebody who can stand the breaking / Strong arms to hold me when my heart starts aching / I’m looking for a love that’s untouchable,” Kramer, 36, sings throughout the chorus, alongside a thumping drum beat, harmonies, and ringing guitars. “Like a little solid ground when the whole world’s shaking / I want a promise of forever staying / I’m looking for a love that’s untouchable.”

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Kramer co-wrote “Untouchable” alongside Nicole Witt and Emily Shackelton a decade ago, after going through a difficult breakup. At the time, she was naively placing blame on herself and trying to convince herself that she was the reason why the relationship had ended. 

“It was one of those relationships where it’s like, I didn’t understand. I’m like, ‘Well, maybe if I had a prettier past, maybe, he would’ve stayed with me,” the ACM award-winning artist said of the inspiration behind the track, knowing that ultimately something in that relationship was missing. “I remember being like, ‘I want someone to love me enough, that no matter what’s going on, or what happens in our relationship, he’s going to stay, and I’m going to stay, and our love is going to be so strong that nothing can touch it. So, we just started to talk about that, and that’s, honestly, what I’ve always strived for is this love that is [untouchable] because it’s so easy to leave and it’s so easy to walk away.”

These days, Kramer couldn’t be happier in her relationship with her husband, former NFL tight end, Mike Caussin, who shares the iHeartRadio podcast Whine Down with Jana and Mike with her. The two work through their marriage every day to keep it strong. But, after recent deadly Tornadoes ripped through her adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, ‘Untouchable’ inevitably brought more meaning to the country star. So much, that she was compelled enough to share it with the world so that other people will know they’re not alone and there’s a love out there that’s waiting for them.

“For the single people out there [I don’t want them to] lose hope, especially with the times that we’re in right now,” Kramer said. “You’re locked in the house. You’re alone. I can understand one feeling that way, but know that there is a great love out there and always believe in that, and always strive for that kind of love.” 

Kramer, who shares daughter, Jolie, and son, Jace, with Caussin, has been updating fans on her situation while in quarantine, sharing numerous posts on her social media pages. And, even though she’ll sometimes document the more trying moments, she says dealing with COVID-19, like so many others, hasn’t weakened her family unit. 

“I definitely feel like it’s strengthened us,” Kramer explained. “It is a very frustrating time, and it sucks, and we don’t know how long we’re going to be stuck in the house. But we know that we have each other, and we’re each other’s backbone. We got this. And, we’re parenting so hard right now with the kids.”

“With how the times are right now, and with my marriage, and with the quarantine, and the stress, and the anxiety, and all the fears, and frustrations, it’s nice to know that our love, even when the world is shaking, and stuff, we’re solid,” she continued. “We’re going to be okay. We’re going to get through this because we’ve weathered through plenty of other storms. It’s nice to know that at the end of the day, we have each other.”

“Untouchable” is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify

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