Listen To Morgan Wallen’s ‘More Than My Hometown’

Morgan Wallen is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming album with the release of a brand new song called “More Than My Hometown.”

The mid-tempo tune finds Wallen crooning over his love for a girl. While he admits he loves her and knows that their “whole town” is rooting for them to be together, he can’t come to terms with the fact that her “big dream bags are all packed up and ready to go.” He simply can’t bring himself to leave his small town behind.

“I love you more than a California sunset/ More than a beer when you ain’t 21 yet/ More than a Sunday morning Lord/Turning some poor lost souls around, Hallelujah bound/ I love you more than the feeling when the bass hits the hook/ When a guy gets the girl at the end of the book/ But baby this might be the last time I get to lay you down/ ‘Cause I can’t love you more than my hometown,” he sings throughout the chorus.

“More Than My Hometown” was co-written by Wallen with Michael Hardy, Ernest Keith Smith and Ryan Vojtesak.

According to Wallen’s recent Tweets, he plans to release a new album later this year. That record will serve as the follow-up to the Tennessee native’s 2018 debut album, If I Know Me.

Morgan Wallen’s latest single, “Chasin’ You,” has already cracked the Top 5 at country radio.

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