Jason Aldean Pranks Luke Bryan in the Middle of 1,800 Acres in Hilarious ‘Prank Wars’ Video

“Guess who’s gonna wake up all by himself? Mr. “Country boy shake it for me,” Aldean quips.  


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 12, 2021

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Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan; Photo via YouTube

When country music stars like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean aren’t writing and recording hit singles, they like to have fun like everyone else. So what do these artists do in their free time? The latest Buck Commander YouTube video dubbed “Prank Wars” gave fans an inside look into some of the trouble these guys like to get into.

Starting with the prank called, “One Man Left Behind,” six of the men are out in the middle of nowhere, enjoying everything nature has to offer. As nighttime set in, Jason Aldean came up with the idea to leave Luke Bryan on his own and the group was in agreement.

“I think it’s pretty funny if tonight, we’d leave Luke asleep in this tent, by himself out here on about 1,800 acres, but we’re actually gonna go to camp,” plotted Aldean. “So when he wakes up in the morning, guess who’s gonna wake up all by himself? Mr. “Country boy shake it for me.” 

YouTube video

To the surprise of the other men who left him, Luke woke up and wasn’t mad at all, he was thankful actually.

“It was one of the more tranquil nights I can remember. So thanks guys, anytime y’all wanna set the tent up for me, I’ll be glad to go spend a night there,” said Bryan. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there for Bryan who got caught up in yet another prank against him. Ranked No. 1 on this list is “Luke and the Game Warden.” 

After getting stopped by the local game warden, Luke was asked to show his license, which unfortunately, was no where to be found. Of course, all his buddies knew exactly where his ID was, but for oblivious Luke, this was about to be a problematic situation. After many phone calls and a lot of searching to try and keep himself out of trouble, the guys finally let Luke in on the joke. Although he was a good sport, he reveled that he’s prepared to get some sweet revenge.

“The good guy, the nice guy gets picked on once again. So I have ammo and I have fuel for you guys. Get ready, retribution is on the way,” warned Bryan.

Click above to watch the Buck Commander “Prank Wars.” 

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