Jelly Roll To Impact Country Radio With ‘Need A Favor’

Jelly Roll is preparing to send his new song, “Need A Favor,” to country radio. In the beginning of January, the…


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 13, 2023


8:15 am

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Jelly Roll; Photo by John Shearer

Jelly Roll is preparing to send his new song, “Need A Favor,” to country radio. In the beginning of January, the Nashville native announced that he earned his first No. 1 hit at Country radio with “Son Of A Sinner.” Now, in a little over a month, he will add another single to his resume. 

According to Country Radio Insider, Chris Owen, Jelly Roll’s latest release will impact the airwaves on February 13th, following “Son Of A Sinner” and his No. 1 single at rock radio, “Dead Man Walking.”

Written by Jelly Roll, Austin Nivarel, Joe Ragosta and Rob Ragosta, “Need A Favor” centers around a character who hits a spiritual realization while in the midst of trying to convince his love interest to stick around. As he folds his hands and bows his head, he understands that he doesn’t deserve the favor he’s praying for, but he’s willing to try whatever it takes to repent his disconnected actions of the past. 

“I only talk to God when I need a favor / And I only pray when I ain’t got a prayer / So, who the hell am I, who the hell am I / To expect a Savior, oh / If I only talk to God when I need a favor / But God, I need a favor / Amen, amen,” Jelly Roll sings in the chorus. 


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The painfully honest new tune is expected to appear on the genre-bending hitmaker’s forthcoming new album along with another recent release titled, “she.” This powerful ballad was penned by Jelly Roll alongside Austin Alexander Nivarel and Kevin Thrasher Gruft and calls attention to the reality behind the battle of addiction for both the person going through it and those around them who fear for their loved ones.

“‘she’ is about the struggle of addiction. ‘she’ is about talking about the elephant in the room and addressing head-on the heroin and fentanyl epidemic that is sweeping the nation; the pharmaceutical pill problem that is sweeping the nation, and has been for a long time,” Jelly Roll shared in a release. “And I feel like it’s an artist’s responsibility to speak for those who sometimes can’t always speak for themselves.”

New Album

Jelly Roll revealed to Music Mayhem that the record, which will mark his first full-length Country project, is expected to arrive in “April or May [of 2023].”

“I’m really proud of it. I’m going to have some features on it. It’s a country record for sure,” he explained to the publication. “It’ll be my debut country album. I’m kind of really excited about taking my first real big leap into the genre. I think ‘Son of a Sinner’ was just kind of showing people what I could do, but we also got some real kind of rock records on there, some real kind of rocky records on there. And we’ll have a couple of songs where I’m spitting a little bit too. So it’s still true to Jelly Roll for sure.”

The collection will serve as the follow-up to his 2021 album, Ballads Of The Broken, which includes the chart-topping hits “Son Of a Sinner” and “Dead Man Walking” as well as fan-favorite tunes such as “Sober,” “Empty House,” and more.

Stepping into the new year on a good note, Jelly Roll has plenty of personal goals to push him towards becoming better and better every day. He has yet to share any plans of a headlining tour in 2023, but he is slated to appear at several festivals this summer, including Tailgate N’ Tallboys Bloomington, Tailgate N’ Tallboys Clinton, TidalWave Music Festival, and more.

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