Jon Pardi Reveals Why He Stopped Drinking: ‘I’m 112 Days Sober’

The Grand Ole Opry member shares how the decision to quit drinking has not only improved his physical health but also boosted his self-confidence.


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December 14, 2023


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Jon Pardi; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Jon Pardi is making some significant changes to improve both his physical and emotional health and he recently revealed that he is sober.

Throughout the year, Pardi has had to postpone multiple stops on his Mr. Saturday Night Tour due to some concerning health issues. He previously shared that he was battling a prostate infection and was also pre-diabetic at the time. That, on top of being unhappy with his physical image, led the country star to take a break from drinking. 

Why He Quit Drinking

During a recent appearance on Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly podcast, Pardi opened up about this new journey, stating that he has officially been “112 days sober,” which in turn has caused him to lose “a bunch of weight.”

Jon Pardi; Photo by John Shearer
Jon Pardi; Photo by John Shearer

“I was pre-diabetic and I was just like, I gotta stop. But I will say I’m retired. Doesn’t mean I can’t come out of retirement, but for right now it’s been great. It just fell off my face and I really was getting to the point where every picture, every video, I was so unhappy with myself and it was just like, where I was going, I needed to just take a break.”

A Positive Lifestyle Change

He went on to express just how much this lifestyle change has already started to make a positive impact on his self-confidence.

“I just did a photo shoot and I was like damn I look good. Take that, Titos,” he told hosts of the podcast Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson. “So for anybody that’s thinking about it, if they want to lose weight and you do drink, let me tell you, it does help tremendously if you stop, but then you get the ice cream, like the sugar cravings. Let me tell you, I love me some ice cream. That’s why I’m like, well, I’m not drinking. I better get this Twix candy bar ice cream.”

Jon Pardi; Photo by Kirsten Balani
Jon Pardi; Photo by Kirsten Balani

Staying sober is just one aspect of the “Head Over Boots” singer’s New Year’s resolution to focus on solidifying an overall self-care routine. His other goal going into 2024 is to put out a brand-new album for his fans that will be “bigger and better” than ever before.

“The next year is all about new music. Awesome songs, awesome record, just something fresh for everybody. I want to come out with this whole new thing. I just want people to be like, ‘damn that’s good,” he shared honestly. “I believe you get to a point where you’re like, everything’s good you’re riding. And you could do that, or you could just be like, hey, let’s switch vehicles for a little bit and see what this one does. So I can’t tell you what it’s gonna be, but my goals for ‘24 is to just be bigger than I thought I would be, bigger and better. And have glowing skin,” he added.  

Christmas Album Out Now

Before Pardi’s busy schedule picks back up again in 2024, he’s planning to take some much-needed time off to spend and enjoy Christmas with his wife, Summer, and their baby girl, Presley. This year, he released his first-ever holiday album titled, Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi, which he will get to showcase during his upcoming Christmas show at the Beacon Theater in New York City on December 16. 

Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi
Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi

This 12-track project features a mix of classic holiday hits like “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy,” “Please Come Home For Christmas,” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” as well as some upbeat, fun-loving originals including “Beer For Santa,” “400 Horsepower Sleigh,” and “Merry Christmas From The Keys,” that are sure to bring plenty of fun to any holiday activity.

Pardi’s next official tour date is set for Jan. 7 in Houston, Texas. He’ll then jet down to Mexico to headline a night of Luke Bryan’s destination event, Crash My Playa.

Click HERE to see a full list of Jon Pardi’s upcoming tour stops.  

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