Jordan Davis Admits He’s a ‘Huge’ Kenny Chesney Fan, Shares How His Family Is Inspiring His New Music

Davis opened up about his home life during his appearance on the ‘Country Now Live’ series.


Madeleine O’Connell

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April 8, 2021


5:50 pm

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Jordan Davis, Photo by David Bradley

Have you ever had an idea in your head to do something potentially amazing, but just haven’t made the leap yet? It sounds like Jordan Davis is in this situation right now. During an interview on Country Now Live via Ctrl_Music_ on Twitch, Davis was asked if he would ever put out a collaboration album. His response was certainly promising. 

“That’s a great idea! I should just start texting people being like ‘hey, we should do some songs together,” Davis shared in response to a fan in the interactive chat.

If this happens one day, there’s a chance Davis already knows one artist who he might want to be included on this project or future projects. Davis told Country Now Live host, Lauren Black, that the legendary Kenny Chesney is pretty high up on his list of artists that he would like to work with one day.


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“Yes, I’m a huge Kenny Chesney fan. Kenny’s like the guy for me,” Davis shared in the interview. “He’s up at the top of the mountain. I think he’s just amazing. I went to one Kenny show and I was like ‘this guys unreal. So yes, I would love to do something with Kenny Chesney.”

The “Almost Maybes” singer also revealed Brothers Osborne as another artist he’d be open to collaborating with. 


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In addition to learning about Davis’ inspirations, his pets and his dream vacation destination, he also talked about those who inspire him. His list included his daughter, Eloise, and wife, Kristen. 

“Yes, I have written songs about my daughter,” Davis divulged. “What was really crazy is right whenever she was born, I was thinking I was going to get this crazy flood of ideas for her but I actually got a lot for my wife. Like seeing that kind of change in my wife and just like that motherly instinct takeover, it was really cool to see that. But yes, they soon turned to Eloise songs.”

Davis later admitted that “it’s been amazing” seeing all his daughter’s milestone moments while off the road.

As for new music, Davis was unable to reveal any dates, but he did promise a new project will be coming “really, really soon.”

Other artists confirmed to take part in the Country Now Live series on CTRL_Music_ include Elle King (April 14), Riley Green (April 21) and Lindsay Ell (April 28). Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

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