Jordan Davis Dreams Of A World Where ‘Good News Sold’

This is a song that Davis felt compelled to record.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 22, 2024

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Photo Courtesy Of Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis is spreading some much-needed positivity in his new song, “Good News Sold.”

The Louisiana native has become known for building a catalog of songs about real-life experiences that connect with listeners. His songs cover everything from falling in love to starting a family and overcoming challenges to discovering happiness in everyday moments.

What Is The Meaning Behind “Good News Sold?”

Like his previous chart-toppers, “Good News Sold” highlights Davis’ storytelling abilities. This time, he opens up about the state of the world we’re currently living in and how negativity, loss, and destruction are constantly being displayed and talked about in the media. 

Jordan Davis, Good News Sold Single Art
Jordan Davis, Good News Sold Single Art

The powerful lyrics, illustrated through the award-winning singer/songwriter’s tender vocals, take on a new perspective that finds him wondering what life would be like if we saw more good stories than bad portrayed on the news. He offers up examples of what some of those more joyful news stories might entail, such as “a little boy hugging on a black lab” that has returned home, a woman who has overcome stage four cancer, “A couple seeing two pink lines for the first time after trying for a while,” etc. 

He continues into the chorus, sharing how differently he believes people would feel if stories like this flooded their feeds instead of the negative ones.

“If good news sold, the world wouldn’t seem so bad/ If good news sold, we’d be buyin’ everything they had/ And all sleep a little bit better at night/ And all be a little less left and right/ Turning the TV on and checking your phones wouldn’t ever get old/ If Good News Sold,” Jordan Davis delivers on the chorus. 

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Who Wrote “Good News Sold?”

Davis revealed to Country Now that the song, penned by Cole Taylor, Jordan Rowe, and his brother, Jacob Davis, was originally on hold for another artist, however, it struck such a chord with him that he remained persistent in his desire to cut it himself. 

“I stayed on him about it and when it freed up we jumped on it. I knew I loved it,” Davis shared.

While he may sing about the good news, Davis admits he falls victim to letting the negativity of the world weigh heavy on his shoulders. Davis says the best way for him to keep a positive mindset is by leaning on his faith and those close to him.

“I would be lying if I said it doesn’t get to me too sometimes, but I think faith, family, friends, and the ability to find moments of peace in daily life makes a huge difference,” he explained. “I’m currently touring Europe and we’ve seen so many parts of the world and you realize there are good people across the world.”

Having Kids Has Changed Davis’ View Of The World

Jordan Davis and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram
Jordan Davis and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram

This thought-provoking tune comes at the perfect time for Davis as he has recently welcomed a third child with his wife, Kristen. As a father of one daughter, Eloise, 4, and two sons, Locklan, 2, and Elijah Patrick, 8 months, Davis now sees the world through a different light than before becoming a dad. 

“Everything, you also see through their eyes and watch them discover the world they have. [It’s] how kind they are to each other and the questions they ask that really make you think,” he said honestly. 

Jordan Davis has already put “Good News Sold” in front of fans during his latest headline run, the Damn Good Time World Tour 2024, which launched earlier this month in Copenhagen, DK.

He will return to the U.S. on April 4 and continue through October 2024. Ashley Cooke and Mitchell Tenpenny have been tapped to join Davis as special guests. 

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