Kane Brown Brags On His Daughter Kingsley: ‘She’s Really Smart’

Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Kane Brown is one proud father who can’t seem to stop gushing over his baby girl.

The singer/songwriter, who welcomed his first child with wife Katelyn Jae on October 29, recently bragged on his daughter’s development while chatting with WUSN in Chicago.

“She’s really smart,” he beamed (according to CMT), “I mean, she’s already pulling her paci(fier) in and out at a month and two weeks. She loves lights. I don’t know if that’s a baby thing or what, but she’s just very aware. That’s my girl.”

While he recently shared that Kingsley seems to be taking after him when it comes to her appearance, it sounds like she may be taking after her mommy when it comes to her vocals.

“The doctors said when she was first born that hers were the best baby lungs they had heard in a while,” he said, adding, “so I think she’s got her mom’s voice.”

In November, Brown made headlines with the release of “For My Daughter,” a touching song that serves as a promise to Kingsley, letting her know that she will always be able to count on him, no matter what. Throughout the heartfelt song, Brown, who grew up without a father in his life, assures Kingsley he’s going to be the best father he can be, despite his past.

“They say dad’s are supposed to shape you and in a way I guess mine did/ I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid/ They say history repeats it’s self well I guess that’s up to me/ I grew up without a dad I’m gonna be the best one I can be,” the 26-year-old croons throughout the chorus.

After enjoying some time at home with his family over the holidays, Kane Brown will embark on his first-ever international tour beginning February 2. Katelyn and Kingsley will join him on select dates as he previously told Billboard that they’ve added a crib to his new bus.

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