Kassi Ashton Dances The Night Away In ‘Field Party’ Video

Rising star Kassi Ashton brings her new song “Field Party” to life in her brand new music video. In the…


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July 17, 2019

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Kassi Ashton; Photo via Facebook

Rising star Kassi Ashton brings her new song “Field Party” to life in her brand new music video.

In the recently released clip, directed by Kristin Barlowe, the California, Mo. native throws an epic party complete with pickup trucks, beer and dancing.

The video pays homage to one of Ashton’s favorite pastimes growing up – partying with friends out in the middle of nowhere.

“Did y’all think I forgot just where I was born and raised?” she questions in the lyrics, adding, “Just when big city lights get to clouding up my mind / You will find me, you will find me / Hey, at a field party.”

There are a few common country themes featured in the video – cowboy boots, trucks and cutoff jeans, just to name a few – but the clip doesn’t showcase a typical country music crowd and that’s intentional.

“I want people of all styles and all backgrounds coming together,” Ashton told Refinery 29 of the music video. “And Kristin Barlowe, the director, was the one that was like, What about these minibikes? And this hippie van that looks like it’s from Scooby-Doo? I just wanted it to feel wacky and I want people, wherever they are, wherever they’re from, to watch it and say, I want to party.”

And party they did.

“I wanted an actual party with real beer,” she confessed. “We made sure everyone that had to be there was over 21. There are parts in that video where the ends of my hair look wet because it’s beer. It was a blast. We went ’til probably 3, 3:30 in the morning and all of us at the end were like, We want to do this again. Like without cameras.”

“Field Party” was released digitally last month. Instead of releasing it through the proper channels, Ashton decided to take the tune straight to her fans by releasing it via Soundcloud. She caught some flack from her label but they quickly changed their attitude once they saw how it was performing.

“It’s doing well, so now they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s genius.’ They can’t be too mad!” Ashton recently told Country Now with a laugh.

“Field Party” has become a fan favorite in Ashton’s live shows. It’s available everywhere now.

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