Kat & Alex Announce Release Date For Side A Of Self-Titled EP, Debut ‘We Bought A House’ Video

Kat & Alex; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Kat & Alex; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Kat & Alex; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Husband-and-wife duo Kat & Alex announced that Side A of their new self-titled EP will be available beginning September 16th.

“We’re so excited to share this EP! These songs tell our stories, and it introduces us to the world not only as musicians but also as a couple,” Kat & Alex said. “Sonically, Side A is a melting pot, which is true to who we are. You’ll hear country, which is the root of it, as well as some rock, soul and pop. The common theme of the music though is love, which is purposeful because our relationship is full of love and it’s the core of everything we do.” 

To pre-save/add/order the project, click HERE.

Kat & Alex; Photo Provided
Kat & Alex; Photo Provided

The pair, who share a country and Latin flair that reflects in their music, co-penned each song on the project, excluding “Marry You,” a track written by labelmate Maren Morris and Busbee.

“When we heard this song, we felt like it told our story, which was really cool because it was Maren’s song to Ryan. We reimagined it as a duet and added a bit of Latin drums to make it our own,” they shared.

The critically acclaimed up-and-comers decided to put an exciting twist on their music – not only are they releasing their project in English, but in Spanish too. They recently put out the Spanish version of their new track, “We Bought A House,” titled “Mi Casa.” The track can be listened to here.

Kat & Alex are no strangers to this challenge as this is the third entirely Spanish track, they have released this year, so far. They have “Tomemos Un Trago,” which is the Spanish version of their song “Let’s Find A Bar,” and “Yo Quiero Amarte,” the Spanish version of “I Want It All.”

Side A tracklist includes:

1. Let’s Find a Bar (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/Jared Keim/Jared Scott Slocum)
2. 5 on a Friday (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/Chris Loocke/Austin Taylor Smith)
3. Marry You (busbee/Maren Morris)
4. I Want It All (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/AJ Pruis)
5. We Bought a House (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/Josh Osborne/Lindsay Rimes)
6. Still In It (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/Jason Massey/Austin Taylor Smith)
7. I Want It All (Spanglish Version) (Kat Georgia/Alex Georgia/AJ Pruis)
**Produced by Brad Hill except “We Bought A House,” which was produced by Lindsay Rimes

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