Kimberly Perry Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage That Led To A Full Circle Moment On ‘If I Die Young Pt. 2’

“It reflects all of my growth from the past decade,” the singer/songwriter shared.


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May 31, 2023


3:08 pm

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Kimberly Perry; Photo by Claire Schaper

Kimberly Perry’s latest release, “If I Die Young Pt. 2” marks a new era for the singer as she reflects on the past decade of her life and the chapters that have come full circle since the song’s original release with the former musical group, The Band Perry. 

Sitting down to discuss the makings of the revamped song in a recent video, Perry revealed that a few months prior to writing “Pt. 2,” she learned that she had suffered a miscarriage. Despite the great sadness this brought her and her husband, Johnny Costello, the darkness was soon replaced by a blessing.


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“So in writing the second verse, it was like, well, I would really love to set this intention that there is a baby coming, a healthy baby who’s going to be here at some point,” she shared honestly. “And it felt like it really held hands with the original version because the entire original version was sort of this romantic plea for all the things that I was hoping for. A few months after we recorded the song, I found out I was pregnant.”

“It, I believe, reflects all of the growth, life growth and creative growth that I’ve had, but it also feels like the core of that girl that I was love and know from 10 years ago,” Perry added later on. “And I’m just so grateful to have those pieces put together in part two.”

With her brand-new version, Perry takes a more mature perspective now that she is embarking on the world as a solo artist and is expecting her first child. She and her husband broke the exciting news in April 2023 via Instagram, sharing that she is “OVERFLOWING WITH JOY.”

“‘If I Die Young’ has always been my North Star. When I had to come back to the core of who ‘Kimberly’ was, I’d always find myself turning to this record,” Perry stated in a press release. “So to kick off my solo artist career with Part 2, it’s a full circle moment. It reflects all of my growth from the past decade, while still channeling that young girl.”

Penned with Jimmy Robbins and Nicolle Galyon, “Pt. 2” presents a slew of optimism as opposed to the original version which found the singer giving up on the journey and accepting her fate with life coming to an end. The songwriters have gracefully rewritten the verses to depict a woman who has come to realize that life is not as predictable as she once thought. 

This is shown through the original version where Perry sings, “I’ll shine down on my mother/She’ll know I’m safe with you when she stands under my colors/Oh, and life ain’t always what you think it ought to be, no/Ain’t even gray, but she buries her baby.” Combatively, the latest release finds her delivering a new stance on the same message as a she looks through the lens as a soon-to-be-mother and sings, “I’ll pour some holy water on a daughter of my own/I’ll pass my name down ‘fore it’s on a headstone.”


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Perry effortlessly takes on that narrative as she lets her stunning vocals take flight throughout the reflective track, which serves as the first single from her forthcoming BLOOM project, which is due for release on June 9.

“I think the project speaks to the ground that has to be prepped to bloom. That’s a violent process,” Perry explained. “Sometimes there’s a lot that goes into tilling up soil and then there’s a lot happening under the surface that’s creating space for roots to grow and that really is the metaphor for the last handful of years in my life. But I do feel like I’m emerging from the surface now and it feels like a very bright time.”

The Band Perry Breaks Up

“If I Die Young Pt. 2” also marks Kimberly Perry’s first release as a solo artist after years of putting out music with her siblings as part of the group, The Band Perry. On Monday, March 27, she and her siblings, Reid, and Neil Perry, reveled they were splitting up their musical group, The Band Perry. 

“To our TBP friends and family,” they wrote in a statement to their fans. “We wanted to let you know that the three of us have decided to take a creative break as a group and each focus on our individual creative pursuits. During this season we will continue to support each other as artists and family in all we do Thank you for making our childhood dreams come true!”

The Band Perry; Photo Provided
The Band Perry; Photo Provided

Solo Career

Just one week after this statement was made, Perry announced that she will be pursuing a solo career under her newly-inked deal with RECORDS Nashville/Columbia Records. 

“From the moment I met the team at RECORDS, their appreciation for my journey and my vision for the future as a solo artist has been overwhelming,” Perry shared in a press release. “Everything came together so organically, and it felt right from the very start.”

Kimberly Perry is next slated to bring her music in front of fans as she joins the lineup of country stars on The Chevy Vibes Stage at CMA Fest on Sunday, June 11.

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